Thursday, September 29, 2011

Help Control Your Car Insurance Rate

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Ways to Help Control Your Car Insurance Rate

The largest and most important factor that decides your auto insurance rate is you, the insurance holder. Things such as your age, education, and driving and accident record effect your rates the most. You cannot control your age though and changing your educational level to help your insurance rates is not all that practical. A lot of people though have excellent driving records, so what can they do? Before you begin compare auto insurance rates. Anyone can lower their rates even more by taking a defensive driving class. Most think these classes are punishment for people involved in accidents but it isn’t true. Defensive driving classes are beneficial to everyone. It’s like a refresher course in everything there is to know when it comes to driving. Taking one of these classes can save you up to 10% on your car insurance rates. It both makes you safer and saves you money and that’s money you could spend on gas.

An easy way to keep your car insurance down is with the car you choose to own. A sensible, economically efficient car always keeps your insurance down. It isn’t necessary to have a supercharged convertible sports car or an SUV that guzzles gas and sits two stories tall. Fancy cars come with a price on top of their ticket price and that’s higher insurance rates. But don’t expect your rates to be low because your car is inexpensive. Rates aren’t set according to the value of your car. Instead it’s set according to safety and repair costs. The insurance company is responsible for covering the damages to your car, so if your car is costly to repair, it will be costly to insure.
Also, the insurance company covers the cost of another driver’s damage in the event of an accident. If your car doesn’t have a high safety rating, then your provider will charge more because you’re at a higher risk for an accident. If you’re worried about picking the right car for the best insurance rate, talk to your insurance company. They can give you suggestions for the best cars for the best rates.

Another factor that effects your insurance rate is your location. One would probably never think that your location could make such a significant difference in your insurance rate, but it does. The distance from one side of the street to another is enough to even double your insurance rate. It sounds crazy but it’s true. Again though, the price zones for your residence is not based on value or cost of living. This is another issue you can ask your insurance company about. If you’re planning on moving, you should definitely contact your provider and ask if your rate is going to increase or decrease. Finding an affordable home is hard enough, but you should make extra careful that you’re keeping an affordable car insurance rate as well.

Insurance is an essential part of life. It’s also a costly part of life but these are just some of the ways that we can try to lower the cost. The best way to make sure you’re doing all that you can is to talk to your insurance company. They will help to make sure you’re driving both as safe as possible and as cost efficient.

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