Friday, September 2, 2011

Delete Duplicate Files By Size, Name & Content

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Delete Duplicate Files By Size, Name & Content
Many duplicate finders search for files only by their name or size. This limits the potential of such applications as sometimes a file containing the same or similar content can have a different size or name. For this reason, it can be quite effective if a tool can locate duplicate files not only by size and name but also by content. WeeDuplicateDetective is duplicate file removing utility which provides the option to locate duplicate files from specified folder according to file name, size and content. All duplicate files are displayed in convenient sub-menus with the option to move (to a directory) or delete the selected files.

To look for duplicate files, drag and drop folders to the box on top or use the Browse button. Once done, select a criteria for locating duplicate files (Same name, Same size or by Same content) and click Find the duplicate files button.
WeeDuplicateDetective will start looking for duplicate files from the selected folders according to your specified criteria and present details regarding the number of duplicate files found and the amount of disk space which can be emptied at the bottom of the interface.

Once all duplicate files have been identified, select specific files, followed by a criteria from the right hand side options (for all but the original files, each original file, all but the original and first copy or all files) and click Delete selected duplicates.

This will pop-up a prompt which will ask you to either permanently delete the files, send the files to the Recycle Bin or Move them to a selected folder.

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