Monday, August 8, 2011

Best Ways To Advertise Your Site Free

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In this post I will tell you some of the ways to advertise your site for free. Instead of spending a lot on advertising campaigns, we can use the below free methods to advertise our site.

1.) Join Forums

Always join as many forums you can. If you own a technology blog or site, join technology related forums. Add your blog and site links in the signature fields in the forums. If the forums you join are do-follow ones, then its even better. This will also help you to increase your PageRank! Apart from traffic and page rank you also get help at the forums. So why not join forums?

2.) Submit Your Site To Social Bookmarking Sites

This is another way to get some free advertising. Always submit your article and site to social bookmarking sites. To name a few submit your site to Digg, StumbleUpon, Etc. Also don’t forget to submit your articles to Twitter, it’s the next and the most used marketing tool as of today.

3.) Submit Your Site To Directories

Always submit your site to directories. Always choose the proper categories there and also use proper description and titles for your site. Try submitting your site to popular directories. They have more users and so there is a brighter chance for you to get more visitors.

4.) Link Exchange With Other Sites/Blogs Of Your Niche

Link Exchange is another way to get some free traffic and in improving our Page Ranks. Always exchange links with sites belonging to your niche. This will give you some traffic.

5.) Redeem Free Coupons You Receive From Adwords And Other Such Sites

Many a times you receive e-mails or letters from Adwords and other such coupons offering you $50 free advertising and other good deals. So why waste these opportunities? Remember free is always good, never waste these offers.

Follow the above steps and get guaranteed free advertising! Have any other tips for free advertising? Please let us know! Share you views with us. We love them!

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