Sunday, July 3, 2011

sniffing credentials – Yamas-ARM for the N900

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finaly comaX managed to persuade Yamas-ARM for the N900 . After a lot of help from the Maemo community , the script is now in Maemo repositories and has unique features of its own – like checking and auto installing missing dependencies.

Current main features are :
- Real-time output of creds without definition files : any credential, from any website whould show up
- Log parsing for user-friendly output.
- Network mapping for host discovery.
- Can save dumped passwords to file as well as the whole log file.
- Support for multiple targets on the network, as well as adding targets after attack is launched.
- Checks for missing dependencies when run with “-d” option and auto installs them.

To install – apt-get install yamas.
Dependency list:
libpcap0.8                                                                                                                                  libpcre3

To run the script – type “yamas” in terminal.AS ROOT.
If you get any errors (beside font warnings) do yamas -d to check for missing dependencies.
All credits go to comaX at and Christos Saturn.
Official package –

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