Sunday, May 15, 2011

USB hostmode Connect keyboard mosue falsh drive to n900

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go to app manager on ur n900 and download h-e-n and thats it enjoy
tested and working on my n900

ask me if u have problem i will help u

USB hostmode status: beta.

Thanks to everyone part of the h-e-n team, and most importantly, thanks to Joerg Reisenweber for starting the project and leading it, and thanks to Paul Fertser for the new kernel patches, written from scratch.

This release has been tested by a few of us, but it has worked perfectly on all devices.

You will need to a female to female USB adapter, and the stock USB cable.
(You can also use a Nokia CA-101D, a shorter version of the stock cable, a classmate gave it to me, and I found it perfect for hostmode, pic below)

I highly recommend you DO NOT! use direct adapters (microUSB to full size in one adapter || directly plugged into port), using those adapter will put a lot of stress on the USB port and may cause to be torn out! I suggest using at least a small cable like the Nokia CA-101D below with a female to female adapter, or a cable that is microUSB to full, but it should not be a direct adapter!

Paul has found out that it is impossible (at least at the time of writing) to detect speed changes while VBUS is running, so for now, you have to select speeds manually.
Use common sense in doing so, high speed is for devices that require a lot of writing and are fairly new (flash drives/HDDs/CD-drives, new hubs).
Full speed devices are devices that do not require a lot of USB activity, such as BT/2.4GHz mouse transceivers.
Low speed devices are normal mice and keyboards.

A help window is available and will guide you through the steps needed.
The mount button is currently hardcoded to mount /dev/sd*, default for most USB flash drives and HDDs.
For NTFS support, do modprobe ntfs as root
For ISO (CDs/DVDs - most of them), do modprobe isofs (also as root).
CDs will have the dev node /dev/sr0, so you'll need to do mount /dev/sr0 /mnt etc...
Disabling tracker by adding /media/flash to tracker-cfg's non watch configuration is recomended, use tracker-cfg UI.

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