Sunday, May 15, 2011

SMSCON for Nokia N900

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With SMSCON V0.4.4-6 application we will have a complete control of our Nokia N900 by sending SMS messages to it. This is particularly useful in case of lost or stolen, it can completely block the N900 or even take a picture of the thief or where it is lost


* autoload at boot (this is default set at install of smscon package); when device reboots it loads smscon_daemon in the background.
* creates a log file (on the device).
* detect SIM card change and sends new phonenumber and IMSI code (returns SMS) to other known mobile number; if somebody has stolen your phone and put his/hers own SIM card in it.
* send current GPS location coordinates (returns SMS or EMAIL with GoogleMaps picture with your phone’s location on it).
* reboot the phone; only works if your SIM card hasn’t a lock code.
* shutdown the phone.
* open a reverse ssh connection to your own server (GPRS connection); control the phone at CLI level from your own home server.
* email a frontcam picture to your email address (GPRS connection); to see where your phone is or who is using it.
* send the current remaining battery charge (returns SMS).
* make the phone call you; you can listen where your phone is (returns phonecall)
* lock the phone; nobody can use your phone anymore.
* detect keyboardslider use; when somebody has found your phone and uses the keyboard. (only after one of the valid SMS commands is send to you phone) (returns SMS)
* send all valid SMS commands to you if you forgotten it (returns SMS’s)

I recommend that once installed SMSCON, also install SMSCON Editor, so you can configure SMSCON graphically, and not having to edit the configuration file.

SMSCON and SMSCON Editor are available in the Extras-Devel repository.


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