Saturday, May 14, 2011

Opera Mini 6 Available for BlackBerry

4:53 PM |

Seems this is a good day for all BlackBerry users that like browsing using Opera Mini. Today, this BlackBerry application get an new update. Yup, Opera Mini 6 Available for BlackBerry and ready to test on your device.

Opera Mini 6 brings many new features/updated, including:
  • A fresh new look – Opera Mini 6 sports a new and improved design, including a new skin, and new zoom and jump buttons for easy touch-navigation.
  • Share – Share links directly to major social network sites as you browse, directly from Opera Mini 6.
  • YouTube support – Click any Mobile YouTube video to launch it directly on your device’s native media player (if available).
  • Improved zoom for touch screens – Pinch-to-zoom is now supported for multitouch devices. Regular touch devices now zoom with a double-tap, or with Opera’s new zoom buttons.
  • Tailored to Tablets – We’ve designed a new user interface especially for tablet users.
  • Open Link in Background – Read your news uninterrupted and utilize the power of tabs by opening new links in the background.
  • Better Font Support – We’ve been working hard to improve the selection and rendering of Asian fonts, including Thai and Arabic.
For you that want this BlackBerry application, you can download Opera Mini 6 for BlackBerry here.

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