Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nokia N900 Photoshop ( Ansela )

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Always wanted to edit photos on Nokia N900 without having going through Adobe Photoshop and all those complicated multi-functions editing software? Now you have Ansela on the N900 – the Photoshop for Nokia N900.

Brightness/Contrast Edit

 It is a simple photo editing software and also quite useful for creating different tones and colour contrast. The controls are made simple with scroll bars to make things simple for newbie. Photos can be edited on a go.

Easy File Selection and File Info

 Well no more hassle to find where all your photos are kept. The hoto browser at the startup assist you in choosing which photo you want. It also tells you when the photo was taken and the application used to take the photo. Sweet.

Desired Rotation Angle

Photos can be rotated at fixed right angles or can be rotated with a wheel up to your own likings. However the degree of accuracy on rotating the wheel might not be so desirable as it is a resistive touchscreen. It might be off by a degree or two but the defects are practically negligible.

Do try out this Ansela Photoshop app for Nokia N900 and give us your feedback on the comment area. Do send in your edited photos and I might choose a few favourite and post it in the next post. Do stay tune. Cheers

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