Thursday, May 5, 2011

Nokia N900 (OS Maemo) OpenVPN Setup Tutorial

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With latest update from Maemo and latest software and Open VPN configs you’ll be able to connect to Open VPN.
!Update 02.04.2010. Works only under WiFi connection.
1.  Go to and install Open VPN v2.1~rc20-3maemo3
This will install only Open VPN software, if you are familiar with Linux you can use it from x-terminal line without GUI.
2. Install Open VPN GUI: to install OpenVPN Applet v0.5.3-1 go to and press install.
Nokia c GUI

3. Download Open VPN config files from here. Extract archive to “hideipvpn” folder on your PC/Mac and upload hideipvpn folder to your N900. Or download directly to your N900 if you have unzip software.
4. Open Open VPN GUI and press:  Manage connections -> New -> Configuration File

5. Find hideipvpn folder which you uploaded in step 3 and open configuration file for example “Hideipvpn-UK.ovpn”

This will complete all needed fields.
6. Press Import button.
This will create new Open VPN connection to UK servers.
7.  You can now connect to the VPN

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