Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nokia N900 Java Support 9 Run Java on N900

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The much awaited Nokia N900 feature finally arrived. The NokiaN900 lacks Java support and now the members from maemo.org have done it again. Read after the break for more detailed instructions.

Now the awesome Nokia N900 can run any Java applications with the help of two applications. The two applications are

How it works:

  • Install IcedTea6 from extras-testing. It have many dependencies please have a look at them all to run it well.
  • Then download Microemulator .
  • Unzip microemulator (I used /opt/microemu).
  • Download opera mini jad and jar files.  Put them in MyDocs dir.
  • Run microemulator from terminal:
    java -jar /opt/microemu/microemulator.jar
  • This opens an ugly Java GUI…
  • Choose “Options->Select Device”
  • Select “Resizable device” then push OK
  • Choose “File->Open MIDLET file”
  • Select opera mini jar file then push Open
  • Push “Start”
  • Enjoy…

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