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Installing Meego 1.1 on the Nokia N900 microSD Card MAC OSX users only

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install the Meego 1.1 on the N900 on an external memory card
You would need a 4gb MicroSD card and also it must be class 6 or higher. I am having a class 4 MicroSD card and it seems quite unresponsive towards a lot of stuffs. Here is the Steps for installing it on a MACOSX. Will update on the Windows and Linux part next weekdays.
You would need to download the correct files and corresponding kernels from
Insert your MicroSD card with the adapter into your Mac and run this on the MacOSX Terminal
diskutil list
This would be the example

/dev/disk2 would be my MicroSD partition in this example
Then type this
bzcat .bz2 | sudo dd bs=4096 of=/dev/diskX
Where X is the number of the disk where in this example it is 2
 Most of you or maybe all of you would get this Resource busy error. To solve this you must unmount your /dev/disk2 using this the Disk Utility app.

Select the SD card and click Unmount. Try again the command and you should have something like this

Where the square thing would blink until the whole process completes. And you would receive this message
475136+1 records in 475136+1 records out 1946157057 bytes transferred in 2606.033611 secs (746789 bytes/sec)
or something similar.
And also you will get a popup message of The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer. Just click ignore.
Now pop in your MicroSD card and close the back cover. YOU NEED THE BACK COVER TO BOOT UP the MEEGO.
Remember the kernel you downloaded? Now it is time to use it to load your Meego. You would need to do this everytime you want to boot up Meego.
sudo flasher-3.5 -l -k -b
Where is the location of your kernel file. For example this

Turn off your N900 and hold onto the button “U” while connecting your N900 to the Mac using the USB cable. Your MeeGo would be booted.

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