Monday, May 23, 2011

How To Set Up Armitage in Backtrack 5

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how to set up Armitage in Backtrack 5 without command line

Requirement :

1. Backtrack 5 (You can download Backtrack 5 Here)
2. MySQL / PostgreSQL
3. Java
4. Metasploit
All this requirement already included in Backtrack 5, if you want the latest update, just run apt-get update.

Step By Step :

1. Login to your Backtrack 5 box and then run your X.
2. Click Applications –> Backtrack –> Exploitation Tools –> Network Exploitation Tools –> Metasploit Framework –> Armitage (See picture below) to run your Armitage.

3. On Armitage Set Connection window, what you need is only click "CONNECT" button like the picture below(I use MySQL database) :

In Backtrack 5 you do not need to start your MySQL service, because Armitage already bundled the application and this application will run the MySQL service for you.

4. Here is your Armitage Window

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