Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How to install Debian files in Nokia N900

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Install files Debian, .deb, in your Nokia N900 is very easy to do, what happens is that it is dangerous to your expensive N900.
The steps in order to install .deb files eb your N900 are:
Go to Applications Manager and then click on Applications catalog.
Create a new catalog, for this type Matrix in web address, otherwise we leave blank.

 Not click Save, click exit. Now you can see the questions “Which pill?”.

Pressing the pill red, obvious .
If all is OK, the options in the repositories will have the option Install from file, which we can install a file .deb that we have downloaded.

NOTE: Of course not recommend to do this, if you want to do is under  your entire responsibility. With this succeed disable certain security restrictions, which will give us access to certain additional settings.

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