Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Home Owners Insurance Rates – The Way Fire And Security Affect

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1. If you buy a house in a town that has just a volunteer fire service, you’ll pay a lot more in home owners insurance premium than for a locality that has a full-time fire service. Be informed that your rates will be further influenced by the distance of your house from a fire station, firefighting equipment or hydrant. If your house is nearer to such facilities, you’ll pay less.

2. You’ll realize huge savings if you buy a home as close as possible to a police station. The nearer your home is to a police station, the less the home owners insurance premium you are made to pay.

3. Buy a home as far away from high crime areas as possible. Houses in districts that are trouble spots cost a lot more to insure. And, even if you think an area is a crime-free locality, do your very best to confirm. You can ask an agent or insurance office and ask. A home could be on the borders of crime districts and could result in adjoining streets being grouped to different zones with respect to crime rate.

4. A better secured home will get some savings as well. You might save about 5% if you have security systems. With the installation of special security systems you could get discounts of about 20 percent from certain insurers. Just bear in mind that such devices must be such approved by such an insurance company for you to qualify for such big savings. The irony, though, is that despite the fact that such devices will bring down your rates, they are never cheap.

5. A home of smokers will pay high rates. It will help if no member of your household is a smoker. A good number of fires in homes can be blamed on smoking. Discounts to non-smoking households aren’t available with all insurance companies.
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