Saturday, April 23, 2011

uTorrent 3 Makes Really Big File Sharing Extremely Simple.

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UTorrent 3 makes sharing of files whether small or big extremely easy. You can virtually share files of any size with UTorrent 3 without creating any account and the process is as simple as it could be.

We already know that we can share large files by creating a torrent of that file and uploading the torrent to any torrent hosting websites and then sending the link to our friend so that he may download it.

In summary the process was like this:

Create a torrent >Create an account on torrent host>Upload the torrent>Send the link to friend>friend download the file.

So, most of the people didn’t use the method because creating a torrent and then uploading it to some torrent host website was a painful process. UTorrent 3 takes all the pain and makes the process extremely simple as even the novice to torrent can do it easily now.

With UTorrent 3, the process of sharing files via torrent is like this.

Drag and Drop the file to UTorrent> Get the link >send it to friend> Friend downloads the file.

Here is the process in details with screenshots.
1. Choose the file that you want to send to your friend and then drag and drop the files to the bottom left corner of the UTorrent application.

2. It will open a window like shown below. Press “Get the link”. If you want to include a message to your friend, You can write it in this window also.

In a few seconds, uTorrent 3 will generate a tinyurl link. Copy the link and send it to your friend.. That's it.Upon opening the link, your friend will see a window like the one shown below from where he can download the file.

 The only requirement is that your PC should be turned on and connected to the internet at the time your friend is downloading the file and your friend should also have uTorrent.

I have already reviewed all the methods by which you can send really big files to your Friends.

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