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top 6 Browsers for Android Phones

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Browser that is shipped with the android phones does not change the fact that a mobile browser can be so much more. Although the default browser handles the things pretty much well but there are many better options available on the market and that is the reason I thought of reviewing some of the best browsers available for android phones.

There are two kinds of browsers for Android phones.
Traditional, full-featured mobile browsers and  smaller, data- economical Mini browsers.
Dolphin Browser Mini 2.1 and Opera Mini 6 android mobile browsers tend to deliver a more desktop-complete mobile experience with advanced feature sets and support for embedded video, whereas Mini browsers tend to lever performance and backward compatibility.

Dolphin Browser HD 4.5 (for Android).

Probably one of the best browser for those who don't want to sacrifice the functionality and media rich browsing, Dolphin Browser tops the list of best browsers for android phones. You can change this Android app's look and feel through custom themes, add capability with Add-ons, or even navigate by gesture. Go to webiste of this browser to dig out more as it requires a full post otherwise.

Dolphin Browser Mini 2.1 (for Android)

Despite bearing the feel of Mini, Dolphin Browser Mini 2.1 does little to shrink the experience of Dolphin HD. As with Dolphin Browser HD, you can navigate by gestures, set up Speed Dials, or auto-translate pages written in anything from Galician to Greek.

The thing is that this browser is as sluggish as it is feature-rich. If you want to feel the wind behind your sails, get Opera Mini 6; however, you're running an older Android phone and you want it all, reel in Dolphin Browser Mini 2.1.

Firefox 4 (for Android).

Firefox 4 is in the list of Best android browsers because It's fast, wears a good interface, and gives good features notably smart taps and single-click bookmarks. Firefox doesn't support embedded mobile video, an omission made all the more glaring by the fact that websites identify its user agent as a desktop and serve full-size, media-rich content. While Add-Ons—for customizing the browser's look and feel (and functionality)—and Firefox Sync—for synchronizing bookmarks, history, passwords, and preferences—may give Mozilla mavens reason to bookmark this browser.

Opera Mobile 11 (for Android)

The browser's appeal is not unlike that of opera itself. The browser, at least, also happens to be quick and capable. Opera supporters will appreciate be able to take their bookmarks, Speed Dials, and search engines to go, with Opera Link. Everyone will applaud the browser's silky smooth scrolling. When it comes to customization, Opera does not match Add-on-ready alternatives Dolphin Browser HD 4.5 or Firefox 4 Mobile; however, users seeking a polished web browser with full multimedia support should go for Opera Mobile 11.

Opera Mini 6 (for Android)

With over a 100 million monthly users, Opera's Mini browser is its most successful and fastest growing product. While Opera Mobile 11 is ideal for newer smart phones running Android 2.0 or later, Mini is available on far more devices—from the iPhone to Verizon-based feature phones to any device running Android v1.6 or higher—and uses considerably less data to load webpages, making it the model browser for slower or data-miserly cellular networks. The recently updated Mini also keeps pace with its big brother: the two share the same refined interface, smart features—including Speed Dials and text wrapping—and data syncing, thanks to Opera Link.

SkyFire for Android.

Finally yet importantly is the SkyFire in the list of top 6 browsers for Android Phones. TechCrunch ranks it on second spot in Best Android Apps of All Time. One notable feature of this browser is that it is fully integrated with Social Networking.
Other standard features include:
-Flash Video support.
-User Agent Switching – so you can make it act like Desktoip browser.
-Facebook QuickView and Facebook Like Button. Etc.
Latest version of Skyfire requires android 2.0 or higher Android 2.x device.

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