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Round Up: 6 Ways to Send REALLY Large Files to Your Friends

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This post explains how you can share/send really big files with your Friends. I’ll review various methods in this article so this is a kind of round up of all the methods currently available.

Normally we use email attachments for file transfer. The problems with email services are that they don’t allow files beyond certain limits. For example, Hotmail only allows you send files with size 10 mb or less. Gmail, being a bit generous, allow you maximum files size of 25mb. But we need solution for really larger files like various hundreds of mb or over GB.

Method#1: Using Email Work-around.

Yes, there are some works around available for sending large files over email but these methods are less preferred by me because these are not seamless and there are some drawbacks for this method. Gmail still doesn’t allow you to send large files over 25 mb but Hotmail has taken a step ahead by letting you to send upto 10 GB of files as email attachment. But, there is a problem. You cannot attach a file over 50mb. That is a big drawback. Although we have 10GB but we cannot use it as want to use it.
you can use a file-splitting utility like HJSplit to break a big file into smaller pieces and then attach them all to a single message. However, the receiver should also have HJSplit to join the pieces aina. HJSplit is a very simple to use utility with just 300 kb of size.

There is one more thing to be considered that the email recipient should also be using Hotmail otherwise he will not be able to get the large attachment because other services do not allow to receive large attachments.

Method #2. Using third party services. 

There are various files storage services available on the internet that allow you to upload files to their servers and then they give you a link to that file. You can send that link to your friend and he can download the file then.

1. YouSendIt allows you to send up to a 100MB file without creating an account. Upon uploading a file to YouSendIt, an email is sent to the recipient, where they are given a link to download the file.
2. With a 500MB limit, MegaUpload offers the most storage space we found for non-paying users to send files.
4.   DropSend allows you to send files up to 1GB with a premium account (starting at $5/mo). Meanwhile, their free account provides you with 250MB of file size for uploading and up to 5 sends per month.

Similarly, mediamax, leapfile and mailbigfile are some of the services with similar features that allow you to send files more than what you can send as a mail attachment. 

Nevertheless, MediaFire needs some especial attention here because this is my favorite service in this category. Blazing fast file transfer service is the ability that lacks in other services.

Method#3. Using cloud storage.

These services look similar to the above-mentioned services but there is a fundamental difference. These services are more focused on the personal online file storage and backup but we can also use it to let other friends to download files from our cloud storage. This also serves our purpose.

There are various services included in this like DropBox, Amazon CloudDrive, Adrive, etc. Read my review of 6 best online file storage services for complete analysis.

Out of all these services, DropBox is my favorite service because it is simple and packs a lot of features. It is just as we move around files in our windows folders. You install DropBox desktop client and it creates a new folder on installation. There is no restriction on the file size. You just copy and paste it in the DropBox folder in your PC and they will automatically be uploaded to DropBox servers. I have already written a separate post on how to let others download files from your DropBox. 

Method#4 Using IM Apapplications.

Do you know that you can share really big files with your friends through Skype and yahoo IM also?

This is also a nice method especially if your friends are already using Skype or Yahoo. In addition, the best thing is that there is no file size restriction. You can literally send a single file of several GB that many of other services would not allow (except DropBox). Yahoo allows you upto 2 GB of file size.

Method#5. Using torrent. 

You probably are aware of the torrents. You can make a torrent (Only a few kb) of your file and then upload it to some torrent hosting websites like thepiratebay, Torrentz etc. Once you have uploaded the torrent, send the link to your friends and they will download the file from your PC no matter how big the file is you can use this method. The only requirements are you should have torrent client like the one uTorrent etc. and your PC should be connected to internet at the time your friend is downloading the file because in this method file is actually not uploaded anywhere. It is being served right from your PC. In addition, the final requirement is you should know how to make a torrent of your file. It is very simply, if you don’t know just post a comment and I’ll follow up.

Method#6. Using screen-sharing programs.

 Screen sharing programs allow you to control a remote desktop wirelessly. The only requirements for this to work is the remote PC should also have that program installed and it should be connected to internet at that time. My favorite screen share program is TeamViewer that is a free utility for personal use. Even better, you can use screen share programs to transfer files without any file size.

Out of all other methods mentioned in this post. I normally use TeamViwer, DropBox, and Skype and media fire occaiosnally.

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