Sunday, April 24, 2011

install NITDroid N11 “Vostok” on N900

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I recently installed the latest version of NITDroid N11 “Vostok” on my Nokia N900. It is Android Gingerbread 2.3.3 port released by Alex Roslyakov (@drunkdebugger | e-yes). There have been a number of versions prior to this one, but each one improves on the last and this one is no exception. I found all the information over on the forum, specifically the “Nitdroid easy install on Emmc” page is very useful.  I recommend visiting Alex’s thread for the change log, or catch him on his website.
  1. Download Nitdroid kernel:
  2. Download Nitdroid version:
  3. Enable all repositories from App manager (Extras-testing, Extras-devel, Extras and the default Nokia repository).
  4. Install Leafpad from the App manager and make sure that you have root access.
  5. Close the App manager.
  6. Copy the two files you downloaded to your /home/user/MyDocs folder on your Nokia N900. I use WinSCP to copy the files from my computer to the /home/user/MyDocs folder.
Installing NITDroid N11 to EMMC (in development)

  1. Load X-terminal and type the following to gain ‘root access’:

  2. You want to update your application list and then download the Nitdroid installer, so type the following:
  3. Quit X-terminal and DO NOT run the Nitdroid installer, instead open a new X-terminal window.
  4. Gain ‘root access’ by typing the following:
  5. In the next step you are now going to extract the contents of the file “N11_Vostok.tar.bz2″ to a folder, mount two folders and then install the kernel. Type the following:
  6. Staying in X-terminal, edit the boot file, by typing the following:
  7. DO NOT press enter yet, instead at the bottom of the X-terminal screen tap on the Tab button. I have marked it in red below.
  1. This will add the ‘.item‘ to the boot file name.
  2. Now hit enter on the keyboard to open the boot file in Leafpad.
  3. Edit the ITEM_DEVICE line in the file according to the following (only 1. or 2. can be chosen):
    1. If you have a MMC (micro SD card) plugged into your N900, change ITEM_DEVICE to this:
    2. 1
    3. If you don’t have a MMC (micro SD card) plugged into your N900, change ITEM_DEVICE to this:
    4. 1
  4. Save the file by tapping on the drop down menu at the top of the screen.
  5. Exit the file by clicking on the X at the top right of the screen.
  6. Exit out of  X-terminal, reboot your Nokia N900 and on startup one is presented with a boot menu. Type ‘2’ for NITDroid 2.6.28.NIT.06 and it should load up.

NOTE: The first time Nitdroid boots up it take a long time (+- 3 minutes of waiting at the Nitdroid logo), before one sees anything resembling Android. It also seems to falter at the screen where it tells you to touch the screen. I tried and tried to get it to work and it wouldn’t.  I suggest opening the keyboard and then closing it, and place the N900 in portrait mode. I think I tapped on the emergency number link and then exited the screen and suddenly it started to work.
The second and subsequent start ups into Nitdroid are fast.

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