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10 Best Apps to Allow you Video Chat With Facebook Friends

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Nowadays I was experimenting with video chat with my Facebook friends. Actually, Skype is the best option so far for video chatting but I don’t have all my friends on Skype and Moreover, I hate keeping open all the social networking apps all the time on my PC. Therefore, I aimed for digging up some of the best apps available to connect with Facebook friends for video chat, the best options so far that I could manage to find out are:

Aside from fast and efficient videoconferencing engine, this app also supplies several options for users. For example, if you want to chat with everyone also using the application, using the “Public tab” is the way to go. On the other hand, if you opt to chat with those in your friends list, this will offer you with the full list of your friends and show who among them is online. You will easily discover this feature since those offline will be darker than those online. Nevertheless, if you prefer a one-on-one chat with someone you know, or even someone you have just met online - the app also features a private tab for an informal video chat for two.

Probably you already know about Tinychat. It’s a standalone app that allows video chatting with your friends but do you know that Tinychat also has a Facebook app that does the same. Video chatting with your Facebook friends within Facebook.

This is pretty well known app with over 2 million users on Facebook and I liked this app too. It allows upto 12 buddies simultaneously so you can have awesome group video chat with your Facebook friends.

3: ChatVibes

Another excellent app for video chatting. The best thing about ChatVibes is that it merges seamlessly with your normal Facebook chat and creates a video call option button. In a mood to do video call, just hit the button during normal chat.

All you have to do to integrate ChatVibes with your Facebook Chat is download the installer file, run it, select which browser you use, and the app will open up your browser to the relevant page for you to grab the toolbar/extension.

4: BandooChat

Although not as stylish as others but Bandoochat is minimalist, Simple and does the work easily without annoying the users.

It also allows you to video chat with random people on Facebook.

FriendCameo has got some awesome features like video effects and “funny photobooths”. You will love the way it sets up and invite friends for vide chat/calling in Facebook.

6: Vchatter.

The vChatter Facebook application cracks another easy way to connect with friends and other random users of the service. You can search for your friends on the right of the client, as well as see who is currently available. Alternatively, if you are feeling adventuresome, you can start a random video chat and meet new people!

When it comes to video chat with strangers on Facebook, ChatVille is one of most popular way to do the job. This app is worth trying, as it is an innovation kind of thing on Facebook.

A new app but decent one. This app is meant for video chat with your friends and family. Soon they came with a random video chat feature that allows you connect to the people who are using the same app while you are using it. Go discover the new friends!

“The most interactive video chat experience”
Says the Developers of “Rounds”. And they meant it.

If you want to make an impression on a stranger on Facebook, then this might demonstrate to be a great mean as it allows you take snapshots, play real time games, and share YouTube videos and many other means to play around. Rounds brings a stylish look to Facebook video chat. The application serves an estimated 386,994 monthly active user.

In comments, please let me know which app do you like most of all the above mentioned services. I personally like 360Mate Video Chat, and ChatVibes.

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