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Hiding yourself on the Internet

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Part 1 of the Tut's : SOCKS OR PROXIES

All you need is :
☻ A Proxy/SOCK ( Or a supplier of those )
☻ Internet Explorer / Google Chrome
☻ A website for checking your IP. ( I recommend )

Alright now that your checklist is done ( and we imagine you have everything on that list ;) ) I'm gonna tell you what a SOCK is, so you can imagine the security level of those.

Usually a Proxy can be a server that spreads it's connection, it can be a hacked server which you use to surf the internet and so on.

There are soooo many options on how to get different IP's, it's hard to tell them all ;o

There are also SOCKS.
SOCKS are no normal Proxies, they are no generated IP's ment to hide yourself.
When useing a SOCK you're pretty much safe cause what you do, is surf over another person's IP.
Someone who accepted an infected file off another user or who has downloaded an infected file.
SOCKS are generated like this :
You have a certain botnet, this botnet get's a new slave! *YAY*
So what you do now is, you type in a command like " .SOCKS " or anything else, it depends on your Botnet really. And suddenly the IP of the victims + a port pop up.
The bot sneaks through the connection of the slave and gives you the port which you can access their IP through.
That's how SOCKS are made.
So basically, if you ( for example ) watch Child Porn, your SOCK's owner watches Child porn ( Unless you're too stupid to delete your cookies and flash cookies, then that's your fault. )

So you have your SOCKS, what now?!

Now you set them up on your Internet explorer:
1. On your Internet explorer click the Alt key,
2. Now go to Tools - > Intenet Options -> Connections
3. Now Click on LAN settings
4. Mark " Use a Proxy server for your lan ( These settings will not apply to Dial-Up or VPN Connections. )
5. click on Advanced

Now you put in the SOCKS First number ( The number before the : ) into the first long field.
And the Port Number ( The short number in the short field. )
Now click on Okay till everything's gone.

Now you go to check out your IP at if it says ( For example United States, California ) and you have gotten one from California, then your Sock is set up and ready to use.
Please note that you are useing a normal user's Connection here. It may be one tough internet connection but it can also be really slow. depends on the SOCK really.

Part 2 of the Tut's : VPN's ( Virtual Private Network )

When you have a SOCK or a Proxy, it's all fine and you can easily surf safely with a couple of more tips I'll add on later, ON THE BROWSERS THAT IS!

But aren't there a few applications that require safety aswell? Is there a way to hide yourself at MSN,ICQ,Jabba,AIM,Skype or even GAMES?
Well - Yes there is.
It's called VPN ( = Virtual Private Network )
A VPN is basically a server created by a company or a " 1 Man company " in order to sell this to others and protect them.
Mostly VPN's do cost something.
But free VPN's are often slow, with a paid VPN, you can mostly surf fast, you can play as fast as you normally would and you can chat with the same difference of time.
So basically, the VPN is an overall Proxy.
Mostly VPN Providers get you their own Program, but it comes to the point where you have to use OpenVPN ( Which I never use. ) Or theres the PPTN Method which let's you create a network on your network settings without an annoying program to start and quit.
Since I have never used OpenVPN, I can not tell you how it works, but I'll be telling you how PPTN works:

1.Open up your control panel
2. Go to Network and Internet
3. Now head to Network Sharing Center
Now you'll see 4 options below:
☺Set up a connection or Network
☺Connect to a network
☺Choose homegroup and sharing options
☺ Troubleshoot Problems
You will need to click on " Set up a connection or network "
4. Click on Connect to a workplace and hit the " Next " button.
5. " Use my Internet connection (VPN) "
6. Now you simply add the IP of the VPN into " Internet adress " ( For example: "
And below you enter the name of the VPN ( whenever you buy a VPN useing the PPTN Method, you'll get these informations via an Email so don't worry about finding that. )
7. After that you'll only need to type in the password they have given to you in order to connect, you do the password step everytime you try to acess the VPN.
8. One you have filled everything, you can check your IP add " " to make sure you really do have the VPN turned on.
Please note: All your programs which require constant Internet connection might restart or get closed due to your PC connecting to the VPN, this requires your programs to start again since they'll be useing the VPN's IP from there on.
VPN's have constant IP's called " Static IP's ", there are some who don't, but the most helpful one would be the static IP, these are good as for sites like Facebook or games that require your account to have the same IP when logging in again. Anything that stores your IP to prevent getting hacked would need that.
And a little hint : I've always been on the rather dark side of the hacking stuff, I like helping people out with stuff, but with VPN's I got the most money out of my career. I had a lot of stuff simply cause I was clever enough with useing a VPN with certain things =)
So get your VPN's started! =)

Part 3 of the Tut's: DeepFreeze !

So you think people are gonna trace you somehow? You don't care what people say about your IP and cookies being traced? Well then read this:
DeepFreeze is a program that sets your computer to a complete Freezing state. Once you activated DeepFreeze, your PC will NOT store anything, no PC changes, no executions of Malicious software, none of the bad things you've done will be stored on your PC. It's like not having a HardDrive inserted. ( Realists gtfo right now, I don't need your BUT OS AND INTERNET explanation. )
For example, let's say you're a smarty pants and execute a file called " Server.exe " which is FOR SUREEEE not gonna be a virus and then disappears without a trace once activated. If you turn DeepFreeze on before executing this Prog, it'll simply do nothing when you restart. Cause your PC didn't save any of the changes the .exe has made. You're completely free.
Another example ( Please don't ban me for this, I'm only giving examples. ) Let's say you are a bad boy and you try to do evil stuff over the Internet ( ca**ing etc. )
You need to get rid of evidences after doing so, well then you activate DeepFreeze before preparing all your stuff then you c**d and you're good to go, if police or anything would check your PC, there would be nothing. Not even a slightes view of logs , so therefor you're safe. Well if you're smart enough to have the item you've c**ded right next to yourself and they see it, then it's your fault if they ask you where it's from.

So keep in mind : DeepFreeze first and your PC Won't store any logs, nothing. It has never happened. Therefor : What has been seen, CAN be unseen ;)

Part 4 of the Tut's : Cookie cleaning

You know, Cookies, them little things you can eat? Well these are cool.
But screw them for now.
I'm talking about the cookies that actually screw you up once you forget to get rid of them.
Yes, cookies will save you alot of time when visiting websites again and again, but for bad guys, cookie cleaning is very good.
Cause most of the websites trace through IP, Cookie's and flash cookies.
You simply delete your Cookies like this :
There are free Programs!
The best example is the " CCCleaner " which will delete your cookies + other traces per Mouseclick. So get that one and you're safe.

Why would you delete your cookies?
Cause cookies store your Logs on websites.
Let's make an example, you have been banned on Ebay, you need to make a new account,
Ebay tracks after your name ( Which is not the deciding point when it comes to banning your new account since names aren't unique. ), Cookies and IP.
You can change your IP via a VPN and you can delete your Cookies.
Cookies are stored FOREVER in E-bay's system. You can not delete them from Ebay's Database. So if they have stored your cookies and they'll find out you try to make a new account while not having deleted your cookies, you get banned as soon as they notice.
If you delete your cookies, it will make sites like E-bay a lot of work ( which most of the workers don't want ) and make your new account more secure.

So : Delete your cookies, CCCleaner is a good prog for it.

Part 5 of the Tut's:
How to not be yourself!
Yes, this point is quite poetic.
You might think this is stupid, but become the paranoid idiot I am, and you won't.
Whenever some smart guy asks me for my name, I simply use any easy name. John, Jake, Bill, Danny, David, Kratos ( small joke. ), just to make sure they won't be fucking with me later on.
Cause if someone knows your name, they can DoX you and therefor fuck you up if they're smart.
DoX'ing is very easy and might cause you some trouble if you are smart enough to reveal your identity on the Internet.
so my hint : Don't say your name.
Email :
So you have the one E-mail you have created when Mom and Dad got you the internet. , yes I'm sure that one is secure on the internet.
But to be honest, do you want to use for conversations with potential hackers on MSN? Do you want them to know your Email when you know they can type your E-mail into google and find every little thing you did? I guess the answer is no unless you're a very excentric person.
So my hint : Use an E-mail that's barely traceable for every hacking thing you do, for example you're an Emo and you definately do the razor's like hell, call your E-mail " ", that for sure isn't gonna show your personality and your name.
If you can't imagine a name and create an E-mail adress within 10 Seconds, go to and get your new Identity going.
You think you have friends on the net and they're trustworthy, think again, do one thing that annoys them and you're gone unless you fuck them up before they fuck you up. Stay Safe.

Part 6 of the Tut's: Storing your important Data ( Documents )

So you got them superduber Steam Lists, these awesome Cr**it C**ds, this EPIC ACCOUNT!!! Well good for you, but if you have something that is against the law ( No hacking Habbo accounts doesn't get you a lifetime sentence. ) encrypt it and store it on a USB Stick which is also encrypted.
You can get crypters everywhere. EVERYWHERE!
Theres free Programs that do that, just search around.
A friend of mine had his Documents with AAA LOTT of CC's on his " Documents " folder, guess what Mr. Smith did to him when he found out that he hid his CC's so fucking safe that even a 3 year old would find them blindfolded? I don't have to explain right?

So : Encrypt a USB Stick, Encrypt your Data and you're safe.
That counts for DeepFreeze also, before you turn your PC off, put important stuff on the encrypted USB Stick and you're fine.

There will be more to come into this tut, but as for now I have to go so I'll updated this later today.

Hope you guys have a good read so far.

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