Monday, January 17, 2011

Increasing Tuner Limit in Media Center with TunerSalad

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One of Windows Media Center’s many self-imposed limitations is to prevent the user from utilizing more than four tuners of any one type at the same time. With many tuners commonly coming with more than one tuner per card these days it’s easy to reach and pass this limit even on a tight budget. It’s hard to image why Microsoft continues to impose these arbitrary limits on the end user but as with most of these limits users have found a way around it. The creator of My Channel Logos has found a way to fix the limit and increase the number of tuners that can be utilized to eight.

TunerSalad is a simple program that will allow users to increase the number of tuners of each type able to be used with just the press of a button. To get started visit the TunerSalad page to download the application. Once downloaded just extract the program from the zip file and run the application.

The first step to updating the tuner limitation is to select your region from the dropdown box. This ensures that the program makes the correct modifications (just as with My Channel Logos). Afterward just press the Increase tuner limit button and wait for notification that the process is complete. Simple as that. To return to the default configuration press the Reset button.

As with past software from the author it’s completely free to use but donation are appreciated. The program will compel you to do so each time it’s closed as well though it shouldn’t pose too much of an inconvenience being something that won’t be run regularly in most cases.

Simply put TunerSalad is incredibly useful for anyone who’d like to employ even more tuning power in their Media Center machine. After all if we wanted to stick to mediocre capabilities we’d have gone with the cable company’s DVR. TunerSalad is another amazing program, well worth a donation to keep them coming from the same author that gave us the incredible My Channel Logos program which is also well worth using for Media Center enthusiasts.
Be sure to give both programs a try and stay tuned to Hack7MC for even more useful Media Center information, tips and tricks.

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