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How to Start Your Own Personalized T Shirts Business

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If you are into arts and crafts and you are actually pretty creative then you might want to consider starting your own personalized t-shirts business. You don’t need to go all out in terms of capital as you are only starting, just try it out first to see if it will fare well. Here ‘s four tips to get your started:

1. Grab some plain shirts
Given that t-shirts will never ever go out of style, those who are interested in putting up a clothing line or who are looking for a great gift idea can never go wrong with t-shirts. You can buy plain t-shirts by the bulk for cheap – just be very discerning in terms of the quality though as you wouldn’t want your customers or whoever you’ll give your customized t-shirts to get turned off because of the poor quality of the actual t shirt. While scouting for plain t-shirts always make sure that the fit and the actual material used will prove to have a flattering fit on whoever going to wear it. Plain t-shirts are a much better choice as these can be easily customized to suit your style and liking.

2. Design it your way
Start creating designs for your personalized t shirts by first sketching drafts on your drawing book, while you should experiment with the actual t-shirt, do remember that you are still starting out and you need not be wasteful with the only materials that you have. Sketch out everything first and then carefully lay out the pattern to the actual shirt. There are various ways that you can start customizing your t-shirts may it be through t shirt prints, silkscreen, embellishments, embroidery and even fabric paint. Just be creative as the possibilities are endless.
Furthermore designing one doesn’t need you to be an artist that can represent yellow blobs as abstract sun, you got the flexibility and freedom to chose what do you like on your shirt! What’s good on personalized tees are that they really are personal! Fans of The Simpsons? go ahead and make your own Homer t-shirts, or you might put face of Obama or Che if you are in for some politics, if you are those with a taste for tech, grab your very own gadget t-shirt, the possibilities of what you can put in your shirt are practically infinite. Even a simple text can be a design for your t-shirt! If you are a good artist, you can further provide customization of designs such as personalized text or name on the shirt with styles that suit your taste from vintage to graffiti.

3. Spread the word
Now how to spread the word about your business? After getting the designs you like, go take a few neat pictures of it and post it in a social networking website for the world to see. If you still don’t have your own online store yet, social networking websites are a great tool for your merchandise to be seen by a lot of people in an instant. You can also mention there that you also accept customization services as long as the buyer is able to give you an idea of what they really want to have done on the shirt.

4. Turn it into a perfect gift
Other than being a great business idea, personalized t shirts are also a very thoughtful gift to give especially this coming holiday season. Now you need not worry about ending up with just generic gifts for your friends and loved ones, just create a special design for each of your loved ones like create a pop art print of their favorite celebrity or embellished it the way you’d think they like it to be. Apart from being a special gift, it’s also not an expensive one to give as long as you know where to shop for the right materials that will transform those plain t-shirts of your into lovely pieces of art.
As long as you got the passion and some bits of art, just about anyone can have their own t-shirt business. Check out iCraze Pods for example, being primarily a tech blog doesn’t means they cannot maintain a well stocked, unisex t-shirts. And if you remember the first point here, they got their shirt hand-made from New Zealand, a good concern about quality that perhaps will be handy when you have a more quality discerning customer.
We wish you good luck and hope this article gives you an extra idea for some extra cash. If you like this article, don’t forget to show your love! share this and drop us some comments!

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