Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Green Business The Endeavor For Today

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If you want to \”go green, \” consider making your business a green business. This is a popular trend that is very eco-friendly. These businesses can reduce their impact on the environment, and may even theoretically help the environment. Having a \”green business\” may also help your company to gain customers. Many people today are concerned about the environment, and may decide to choose a green business over another, non-green business.

It is best to start small when you are thinking about going green. Recycling is one step that you can take to reduce your impact on the environment. While many business buildings already promote recycling, you can take the initiative to recycle all materials that you possibly can. Because so many things are recyclable, this is an easy step toward greening your business.

A less convenient, yet free step that you can take is to compost all organic materials (i. E. Fruit cores, egg shells, etc.) in your office. Some cities have compost bins, and it is important to use them. Compost is organic materials that would normally be thrown into the trash. Instead, items that are composted can be used as nutrients for plants and landscaping. This returns the matter back into the earth instead of storing it up in a landfill.

Another easy step that you may take is to reduce the amount of consumption in your office. You can do this by analyzing how much paper, plastic, materials, etc. You use in your office. You then look for ways to reduce the amount of these items that you use. For instance, if you use ten sheets of single-sided paper to create brochures, you may want to switch to five double-sided sheets to save paper.

There are also office supplies that are more eco-friendly. If you must use paper, it is better to use 100% recycled paper for printing and other uses. There are high quality recycled papers available today. When purchasing products, look for recycled, organic, sustainable, and/or free trade items. Purchasing these items can help to make your business greener.

Green cleaning supplies can also help one to go green. These supplies include cleaners that use natural ingredients in place of harsh chemicals. There are many other options, however. One other solution is to purchase sponges that are made from recycled materials. This can have a dual effect – it reduces the consumption of materials and can replace paper towels for cleaning. If you use a sponge instead of paper towels for cleaning you can save money, and also consume far less paper towels.
If your company uses cars, you may want to switch to hybrid or electric ones. This is best for larger companies. Hybrids are a good choice because they get better gas mileage than similar types of cars, and may be a good investment. To go even greener, you can opt for a more expensive hybrid/electric car. These cars can be plugged in and run as electric, but if you run out of electricity you can switch them to hybrid mode.

Solar power is an especially good option if your business is in a sunny area. Solar power uses a grid of cells to take energy from the sun, which is then converted to electricity. If you use enough solar power cells, you may (may being a key word) even be able to make your business completely solar. This means that, while you will have to pay a hefty amount initially for the panels, eventually you will be getting your electricity for free. This is amazing for the environment and can help out your budget as well.

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