Saturday, October 16, 2010

Google Adsense Tips for Ad Relevance and Targeting

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We have already seen the tips about Google Adsense earlier which was published by Inside Adsense Team. Now here We will see the tips about Ad Relevancy and Ad Targeting, Carefully read the whole post and make your mind clear about Google Adsenes Fundas.

Google Adsense Tips for Ad Relevance and TargetingIf you're seeing irrelevant ads or public service ads (PSAs) on your pages after you've pasted the ad code into your HTML source code and waited the recommended 48 hrs, here are a things to check:

  • Have you placed the AdSense ad code in frames separate from the main content of your website? If so, you may experience ad targeting issues. In order for our crawlers to match the ads to the content of your website, it is important to place the ad code in the same frame as the main content of your webste. If you're familiar with HTML, and your website is talking about several different topics you could also consider implementing section targeting on your site to highlight relevant content.
  • Do you have mostly dynamic content on your site? Our crawlers currently can't derive meaning from these types of files:
- audio and video files (.wma, .mpeg, .mov)
- mp3 files (.mp3)
- images (.jpeg, .bmp)
- Macromedia Flash movies
- Java Applets
  • To receive more relevant ads, we recommend including plenty of text-based content on your site, including complete sentences and paragraphs.

  • Do your pages use session IDs? A session ID is a piece of data serves as a unique identifier for a session. If your pages use session IDs, you may not receive targeted ads on those pages. Since this session ID - and therefore the URL - changes every time a different user views a page, the URL will not be indexed and will need to be crawled from scratch. Once the URL is crawled, however, the session will most likely have expired. This means that pages seen by the users are rarely in the index. You'll need to remove the session IDs in order to show more targeted ads to your users.
We hope these tips help you resolve any targeting issues you experience with your ads. Next week, we'll take a look at some other reasons why you may see irrelevant ads or PSAs on your site, and how you can best resolve them.

This is the second post made by official google adsense blog, so if you have again any query we can discuss, you just need to comment. Best Luck for Using Adsense and Happy Earnings.

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