Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Affiliate Marketing Tips to Increase ROI

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Right now as a matter of fact I am doing affiliate marketing. Surprised? No you actually knew that…hopefully. Affiliate marketing is all about expanding a brand whether its JC Penny or amazon. There are hundreds of affiliate networks you can join so let me break everything down.

First, I am doing affiliate marketing as I type because I am in fact promoting a brand. My tips will be genuine dont worry you might even learn something.

-Affiliate marketing is extremely popular and is growing in popularity because of the impact its having on traditional marketing techniques. Businesses are realizing that it is so much cheaper to outsource advertising instead of doing it themselves. Thats where you come in.

-I am hoping you have a website or blog that you already generate traffic from. Perhaps you write about your personal life or whatever the case. It doesnt really matter, its all about promoting the brand.

-An affiliate network will give you a link called-affiliate link and you will incorporate that into your website, blog, or just do some SEO or search engine optimization.

-Through a variety of efforts you are attempting to get people to click on that affiliate link and have them buy a product or service. In turn, you receive a “piece of the pie” so to speak i.e. commission.

Its important to know how online marketing works. Through trial and error you will realize that affiliate marketing is difficult. However, reaching a large audience is much easier considering your on the internet.

The key is to join as many affiliate networks as possible. Therefore increasing your cash flows from different companies. Start out small, its all about trial and error. Find out what works for you and dont forget

Affiliate Marketing Tips

First, find the network you want to join and see what products they offer. Then buy a domain based on those keywords relevant to the product.
-The Domain should be your top keyword(s), the most competitive. So your home page should be the broad keywords while all other pages should branch off into long tail keywords.
-Its important to inter-link your pages together for a higher Page Rank and it also helps with SERPs.
-Make sure your information is keyword rich, and unique. Meta tags dont matter anymore so dont worry about that. Title tags no longer matter either but make sure they are keyword rich.
- Dont deal with flash google doesnt really like it.
-XML site maps arent necessary but it helps with quicker indexing. It does not, however, increase your SERP.
-Dont have duplicate content from one of your pages to the other. However, you can syndicate your content to other websites.

These are just some of my affiliate marketing tips.
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