Thursday, October 7, 2010

5 Marketing Mistakes to Avoid When Attracting Customers

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Making mistakes is part of business life, we all make them. The key is to learn from them or the best option is to avoid making them in the first place.
Here are 5 common mistakes that could be stopping you from attracting your potential customers.

Stop and Start
This means that you implement a marketing tactic but because you are not gaining oodles of new customers quickly you stop. Then you try another marketing tactic and when this doesn’t meet your expectations you stop and start again.
To overcome this you need to put some goals in place so that you can actually see what is working based on facts on not your perceptions.
Me Too
If you have a competitor that is successful it can be tempting to copy what they are doing. For example if they have a newsletter you develop one as well or if they are offer an introductory price you lower your price to match them.
Develop your key point of difference and work out their weaknesses from a customer perspective so you can offer your potential customers a real reason to choose you.
Not Qualifying Leads
It can be tempting to chase every possible lead as you may think this will eventually lead to lots of new customer; however the opposite can be true.
By having a clear profile of your potential customer that you want to attract you will save yourself time and money. Also if you can map out the steps your current customers have taken leading to a purchase then you can easily see if your potential customers are following the same path.
Scatter Gun
This mistake often goes hand in hand with Stop and Start. You try and put in place many marketing tactics at once and hope one of them works to attract new customers.
As there are so many marketing tactics available, you need to work out a marketing budget and how much time you have available to implement the tactics effectively. This will help you focus on the 2 or 3 marketing tactics that you can put in place and importantly test and track.

Not Following Up
Potential customers have an expectation that you actually want their business. They can be turned off if you do not respond to questions or enquires quickly.
Have a simple process in place if you often get the same questions, such as developing an email template that you can use or if you have a website have a Q&A section that they can read. If you do not follow up you can be sure they will remember and even tell other potential customers.
You may only get one chance to impress potential customers, so increase your chances by avoiding these simple mistakes.
How to you avoid marketing mistakes when you are attracting customers?

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