Sunday, September 5, 2010

Unused Features In Windows 7

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There are a lot of useful features in Windows that we rarely use , one of these features "computer management" , today i will show you some highlights of what you can do using this service.

Computer Management

First go to computer management , right click on computer icon on the desktop , choose manage.

Shared folders> shares

Here you can see the folders your computer is sharing with others, you can stop sharing any folder (right click on the folder>stop sharing).

You can even change the permissions and the users who can access these folders (right click >properties>share permissions).


There are a lot of useful information you can get from this feature , such as running programs, active services, available RAM , network traffic....etc , just click on Performance > open resource monitor.

Storage> Disk management

You can see all your partitions and you can shrink, extend, delete, format any partition you want (Be careful!).

Services and Applications>Services

Here you can see all running services, stop, start them can read the description for each one of them , stopping unused services greatly improve the performance of the Windows and make it start faster(dont stop any service you know nothing about it).

There are a lot of other stuff in computer management feel free to try them out!

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