Sunday, September 5, 2010

Speed Up Your Computer Boot!

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".....Frustrated by your sluggish and unresponsive PC? Soluto is bringing an end to PC user frustration with transparency, killer technology, and your help..... " this was what Soluto application says about their product.

I give it a try and it was unbelievable , Soluto is simply a program that give you an idea about the applications that start every time you start your computer and slow it down , but what makes it different from similar applications is giving you an idea about what other users did ,stop the program ,keep it ,or delay it.

Soluto! Anti-Frustration Application!

1. Download Soluto form here( , exe : 871 KB) .

2. Install it .

Installation needs internet connection it will download 7 MB (in case you don't have .Net Framework it will be downloaded too) .

3. Now choose "Reboot PC Now".

4. After your computer start , you will notice a count in the left lower corner of the screen, this timer will give you the time needed for your computer to start , after it finished click "Click here to see why" .

5. Soluto will connect to the internet to get some information about what other users did and to get some description about different applications .

6. Now you will have three different type of applications that start usually with your computer;

  • No-brainer: applications recommended to be removed from the boot.
  • Potentially removable: this depends if you use them or not ,if you are not sure; the recommendation is to delay them.
  • Required: system requirement processes ,shouldn't be removed.

7. here how i removed Google Helper from my boot , it was in "No-brainer" category , just click in the prgram and choose "Pause" ; you can take a look and read some description and you can see what other users did .

8. here how i delay "qttask" from my boot , it was in "Potentially removable" category, just click "Delay" .

9. I saved 15 seconds from my boot time!

10. Soluto will remain running , and each time you will start your computer you will see the time needed to boot.

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