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Set-up guide for DVB-S Cards (dvbdream)

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**Warning!!! A basic knowledge of FTA is required in this how to**

Required Software:

1) Nvidia Pure Video codecs * Available at hxxp://
(You will need to buy these)

2) CoreAVC H.264 codecs * Available at hxxp:// (Note that these needed for HD)
*Optional for HD (You will need to buy these)

3) dvbdream DVB Program * Available at hxxp://
* Important! Download version 1.4h (this is stable)Latest release is good as well!

4) Drivers for DVB-S card * Included with card you purchased.If not refer to card model and maker
ie for Twinhan/Azurewave models go here

5) Lastest Emunation * Available here in DVB pci cards file section.

Required Hardware:

1) DVB-S PCI/PCI-Express Card / DVB-S USB device

2) 1.5 GHZ or better PC with a available PCI slot and minimum 512mb Ram
*(Note for HD you will need very good onboard graphics or budget graphics card minimum)

3) Satellite dish pointed in the right direction.(Your existing FTA setup will work)
*( Note that you will need a simple diseqc switch ) SW-21 have issues with some)

Card and Driver Installation:

******** Follow directions included with DVB-S card or USB DVB-S device **************
(If your unsure have a friend who knows what he/she is doing install it.)
* Also be sure to run cable from dish/switch to lnb in on card before turning back on!!!

* Important!! Only Install the drivers and NOT the viewing software included in CD-Rom
If at the end of driver install it askes you to install aditional software dont
accept and exit the installer window. Restart computer!

Sofware installation:

1) Install "Nvidia Pure Video codecs" and restart computer if required by computer.

2) Install "CoreAVC codecs" (*optional for HD) and restart if required by computer.

3) Install "dvbdream 1.4h" Note Windows Vista will install by default in c/ and not in programs
folder. This is required in Vista so dont change this.

4) (a) Navigate to c/programs/dvbdream/plugins/pip00. ( This folder will be empty ) leave it open!
* Note for Vista users this will be c/dvbdream/plugins/pip00 Same as above ,leave it open!

(b) Now navigate to latest Emunation folder open it ,then open the plugins folder.Copy all Items
from that folder to pip00 folder you previously left open .

(c) Now go back into Emunation folder and copy pthreadVC2.dll to c/programs/dvbdream folder or
For Vista copy pthreadVC2.dll to c/dvbdream folder.

Running dvbdream For The First Time:

1) Start dvbdream application.It may for the first time running ,present you with options.
Dont select any and click OK .

2) (a) You will notice menus at top .click on options/diseqc. You will now have a small window open
titled Diseqc Settings .Choose type diseqc v1.0 orv2.0 if you are using diseqc switch.
(*If your not using a diseqc switch then select none.)

(b) For diseqc user select appropriate port and click "Add Satellite".(Select NA Legacy for LNB)
Click OK ,then repeat for other Sats/LNBs then click OK in Diseqc Settings window
(For understandable reasons I will not go into what sats to go after)

(c) (For Non Diseqc users) Just select "Add Satellite".(Select NA Legacy for LNB) Once done.
Click Ok ,then OK again Diseqc Settings window.

3) (a) Now select Option from top menu of dvbdream again and then select "Video"this will open a
window titled "video .there are 3 tabs (Auto Graph/Color Controls/Options).Select Auto Graph
Now set up should appear in this order..

*Video Codec = nVidia PureVideo

*Audio Codec = nVidia PureVideo

*Video Renderer = Video Renderer (select this at first / change to troubleshoot later)

*Audio Renderer = Default DirectSound device

*H.264 Codec = (a) Null (no Video) * For those who did not get the CoreAvc codec
(b) CoreAvc * For those who did ( for HD )

4) Click Apply then wait 10 sec ,then click OK. Close dvbdream (quit)

5) Start dvbdream .Go to top and select Channels/Scan. This will Open a window titled "Scan" In
this window there are two tabs Auto Scan and Manual Scan .Select Auto Scan then choose your sat
(any one of them) and click scan. Wait till finished .Click OK untill your back to main dvbdream

6) In the Left side will be a channel list ,with a tab at bottom to select different sats
Note you can only select other sats you have scanned more than one LNB.
Click on one of the channels and you should see a signal/quality level below the
black video screen to the right of the *PIP Button.If you dont have any signal click
another channel . Now be patient.and TV will come. your card will beep a bit ,but
eventually all of your efforts will be well rewarded.

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