Thursday, September 2, 2010

SEO Tips for Social Networking Websites

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Social networking sites are very popular. Many people around the world meet their friends online and chat with them using a social networking website. One of the best parts of the social network is that it can be used as a SEO place. There are many people all around the world discuss on some forums which can be used as a SEO place. It is a new opportunity for Search engine optimization strategy. There are thousands of social networking websites all around the world can be used as a SEO platform. These are some popular names, Face book, LinkedIn, Orkut, MySpace and Twitter etc. They can be used for Search Engine optimization.

  • Networking Groups : Search engine optimization on the Web casting sites is also very good because there are thousands of people search on Video and Audio streaming sites. These sites are mainly focused on the Music video and streaming services. But they are also a better social platform. For the Search engine optimization on any social networking site you must have a secure account on any social networking site. You have to be an active member of each of the social networking sites on which you want to do Search engine optimization. You must join several groups. Get friends and contact old friends and make new contacts on a periodic basis on these social networking sites. This is one of the best things you can do with your account on these social networking sites in addition to adding updated content of your site.
  • Link Building opportunities : You also have Link Building opportunities on these Social networking sites. You can do several important things using social networking page of your website. First all you need to do is to attract visitors to your Social networking page on the social networking site. Now use your Social networking page as a Pointer to your website. So when you will get visitors on your Social networking page you will also get people on your site using your page on any social networking site. It is important to attract a lot of Social networking page visitors, because some of these targeted visitors might click on your website link in the social page.
  • Link to your Site : Since social networking sites puts the rel no follow tag on their links that mean you cannot get search engine credit. There are sites like social networking sites and Google Profile and YouTube that put a rel no follow tag in the early stages of a page. Once the page has earned some trust and reputation on the social network, the rel no follow attribute is removed. It is very possible that social networking sites will adopt this kind of approach in the future. That will be a great step to increase the popularity of your site. Do not underestimate referral traffic from rel no followed links from social networking sites. If you have a lot of traffic for your social networking pages, then a lot of the visitors landing in your social networking page might purchase products or avail themselves of your services, so aside from getting a link, the referral traffic contributes to your website conversion rate from social network, which in some instances is more important than getting a link on social networking sites.
  • Join Discussions Groups : If you want to make a social network very effective for your website you must join different discussion groups. One of the important things to remember is when you join these discussions you must bring good and accurate information about anything they are discussing. Always provide quality feedback and try to help others as often as possible, which build relations with the discussion group members. Always try to be positive about your information.
Creating your online presence at social networks will take a lot of time and dedication to the work. If you work hard and build relations with the people then it will be good for your website. This is how you can use the social networking sites for SEO of any website. You can also use the Web Casting site for the SEO of your site because Web Casting sites are also a great platform for social network.
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