Thursday, September 2, 2010

SEO Tips for Ecommerce Websites

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As you know SEO is important for any website. SEO for an Ecommerce website is more important than you think. Ecommerce website generally has lower traffic and higher income per visitor than a content site. So they are more complicated with their product categories and Sub categories. So SEO of an Ecommerce website is more important than the SEO of a Content website.
These are the main points you must follow in the SEO of an e-commerce website.
  • Search Engine Friendly URL – To make your e-commerce website popular you must have Search Engine Friendly URL. If you have a Search Engine Friendly URL then a person who wants to buy a product will come to your site. Always keep your product pages as close as possible to your greatest source of Page Rank of your Ecommerce website. Many Ecommerce website bury part of their product catalog deep within dozens of pages of categories and subcategories. This can be accomplished by using SEO friendly rollovers or you can achieve it by increasing the number of products per page. If you know how to optimize your website to rank highly for your product keywords then it will be a good SEO thing.
  • Ecommerce Templates – One of the great ways to increase your PR is use great e-commerce Templates. As you know Ecommerce website are more complicated than any content site. So the main thing is that Ecommerce website needs SEO service more than any other type of websites. . Always choose the best e-commerce Templates for your e-commerce website. Define the main categories of the products and the other Sub categories very care fully. If you want to make your site popular you must make it user-friendly. This goal can be achieved by using a great e-commerce template.
  • optimization For the SEO of Ecommerce website you should focus on the site listing under the search engines. SEO of Ecommerce website basically comprises of two factors one is on-page optimization and second is off-page optimization of your site. First one On-page optimization involves the manipulation of page components like titles, content and text links, to rank well for Google for Ecommerce websites. And Off-page optimization involves getting more links from other websites directed to your Ecommerce website. This is one of the good things in the SEO of Ecommerce websites.
  • User Friendly- You should allow customers to review products they’ve purchased or comment on one’s they haven’t. This will lead you to the good PR of the site because you will get more users to the site. The ordering process can often be quite complex on a commercial site. So this needs user’s satisfaction in the products. You must try that your customer don’t need to write so much details, when he buy any product.
  • Use Software platforms-There is many Ecommerce software platforms that use cookie less unique session IDs in the site URLs. So this creates an infinite amount of duplicate content for the SE’s to crawl. There are so many ways to prevent this using an ethical type of cloaking which serves URLs to spiders without the session ID in your e-commerce website.  You can also create a product feed and submit it to relevant content aggregators.
  • Product Feeds- Product feeds can be a great way of picking up free back links directly to your product pages for your e-commerce website. If it is possible, use keyword rich page file names. This will tell Google Bot a lot more then a Product ID followed by the site name. You should create keyword rich links from within your product descriptions of one product linking to another. In SEO this is a very effective strategy for targeting long tail keywords in your Ecommerce website.
In your Ecommerce website on product category pages, make sure you link to the individual product pages with the anchor text that contains more than just words like View and See more. Terms such as these tell spiders nothing about your products on your site. These were the great tips for the SEO of Ecommerce websites. As you know Ecommerce website are more complicated then any other sites.

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