Sunday, September 5, 2010

Root Access In File Browser in Ubuntu 9.10

12:59 AM |

  1. Right click on empty space at the panel bar on the top of the screen , and then choose "Add to panel.." option.

  2. Choose "Custom application launcher".

  3. Fill the boxes as shown in the picture , and then click Ok.
    Name: write whatever you want!
    Command: gksudo nautilus
    Comment: you can leave it blank if you want.

  4. Now you should see a new icon in the panel above , so when you click on it you will be asked to enter the password , and then a new file browser with root privileges will open.

Accessing as a root on your own responsibility, because by doing so; you risk yourself by changing system files that may affect your OS , so don't use this way unless you know what are you doing!

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