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HOWTO: Gbox with DVBViewer

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Before starting, you need the which you can get from here as well as a working/functioning DVBViewer Pro 3.9.1 installation. This file contains the following 3 ZIP files:


This file is without DVBViewer 3.9.1 Pro. You need to retrieve this yourself from other resources. You can buy the product on the DVBViewer website for a lousy 15 Euro.

Step 1: Setting up Gbox on your PC

Ok, so you now got a working DVBViewer Pro installation and want to use the sharing option from your Gbox server on your PC. Before you can use the plugins, you need to have a working Gbox server running on the system which has DVBViewer installed. Just extract the to the root of your C-drive.

Edit the cwshare.cfg according to your situation. I advice you use the several other Gbox tutorials on this site for that. I've added examples in the cwshare.cfg (gbox config), cs2gbox.cfg (cs2gbox config) and newcs.xml (newcs config) which will hopefully make some items understandable. And, be sure that Gbox works on your PC before going to Step 2 and/or Step 3!

The cs2gbox and/or newcs config isn't needed for simple inhouse sharing with your current gbox server.

I've added several Gbox versions as well as the GboxControl suite. I would advice the GboxControl suite when running Gbox/CS2Gbox/NewCS, if everything is configured correctly. It uses gboxx86.exe (in this case it's Gbox 2.1b) as default when you start up the application.

Step 2: Add MDAPI functionality to DVBViewer

MDAPI is the standard which most Progdvb, Altdvb, Mytheatre, etc plugins use. Gbox Plugin is a MDAPI based plugin but DVBViewer doesn't have this functionality standard enabled.

To enable MDAPI functionality, extract the file into the DVBViewer folder (default: C:\Program Files\DVBViewer).

Step 3: Install Gbox Plugin 1.0

Now that we've got the MDAPI functionality installed, we can now install the Gbox plugin. I've added version of this plugin since it's the most stable for me. However, this version doesn't support HDTV while version 1.1-beta (or does seem to support it. You can get Gbox Plugin 1.1 beta from here, I've had great results with this version allthough it's still beta.

Back to business, extract the file (or the Gbox Plugin 1.1 beta) into the MDPlugins folder which resides in the DVBViewer installation folder. The MDPlugins folder was created automaticly when you extracted the ZIP file from step 2.

Step 4: Final checks

This should be it! To make sure that everything is allright, startup DVBViewer. If everything is installed allright, you need to have plugin menu option (left of About) which has the sub-options SoftCSA and Gboxplugin.

Under the sub-option SoftCSA make sure you tick the option Decode All. If you disable this option, MDAPI support is disabled.

Under the sub-option gboxplugin make sure that the option Active is ticked, as well as gboxplugin: Enable and optional is the option gboxplugin: Use 184 byte which depends on what SAT card you're using. I do have this option enabled on my KNC1 DVB-S+ card and it seems to working also on my HVR-4000 DVB-S2 PCI card as well.

If everything is setup OK, you should have a working Gbox Plugin in combination on DVBViewer. Next step for me, will be to make a tutorial for Gboxplugin in combination with Mediaportal and/or TVE3.

If it doesn't work, first check that FTA channels are working. Then check your gbox config, after this try to disable the gboxplugin: Use 184 Byte option. You may want to start Gbox without GboxControl so that you can see if requests come through and if they are forwarded correctly to your or other Gbox servers.

Furthermore, all MDAPI related plugins should be put in the MDPlugins folder. There are a couple of plugins which work within the Plugins folder or the MDPlugins folder. Make sure you put them in the MDPlugins, otherwise you may get strange results.

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