Sunday, September 5, 2010

How To Use ACamd Plugin

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ACamd Plugin is one of plugins that used for card sharing in a lot of DVB cards,today i will show you how to set your server settings using ACamd!
Warning: Viewing pay TV channels without a valid subscription is illegal

First thing to do Download Acamd Plugin

2. Extract and place it in Plugins folder (\ProgDVB\Plugins) or (\DVBdream\Plugins\pip00)

DVB Dream


3. Open cardclient.conf file using Notepad.

4. Scroll down and look for the line which starts with "newcamd" and change it as :

for example this is my server settings : (yes, fake of course!)

Server Type : newcamd
Server Address(IP) & Port :
My UserName :UsrNm
My Password :Pass

here is the line before changes:


here is the line after changes : (with my fake server settings!!)

  • Make sure to remove # from the beginning of the line to make it active !
  • If you have more than one port , or more than one server you can add as many lines as you want , for example:

  • You can change 1/0000/0000 with the CAID of the channel you want , for example OSN network uses 0604 , Al-Jazeera sport uses 0603 ......1/0603/0603
5. Save the file, and start your DVB player.

ACamd supports a wide variety of different servers (cardclients) :

Radegast (no EMM)
Gb*x (localhost no EMM)
Gb*xN (no EMM)
Mb*xN (no EMM)
Camd35 (only EMM for Irdeto/beta and Seca)
Emubox03 (no EMM)

And always remember :

Watching pay TV channels without a valid subscription is illegal

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