Sunday, September 5, 2010

How To Install Ubuntu 10.04

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Time needed: less than 20 minute.
Difficulty: Easy.
What you need: Ubuntu CD (I used Ubuntu 10.04  LTS desktop edition)

How To Install Ubuntu 10.04

1. Insert your Ubuntu CD and boot from CD drive (you may need to change your boot priority in BIOS setup)
2. Select your language, you can choose to try Ubuntu without any change to your computer, i will choose install Ubuntu.

3.  Choose your location.

4. Choose your keyboard layout.

5. Choose where do you want to install it , be careful! if you have previously installed windows you should choose an empty partition (specify partitions manually)  , failing to choose correct partition may erase your entire hard disk, in this example I will install Ubuntu on empty hard disk. (if you have another operating system installed on your computer , please refer to this post)

6.  Fill your user name, password...

7. this is the final check before installing.(your output may differ than mine!)

8. Installing....

note: at the end of the installation , it may start downloading language packages from the Internet you can click skip if you want.

9. Reboot your computer.

10. Remove the CD when prompt.
11. Enjoy!

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