Friday, September 17, 2010

Free TV torrents RSS feed: ShowRSS

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ShowRSS is a new website that provides RSS feeds for BitTorrent links of television shows.

ShowRSS is developed by a Spanish torrent enthusiast. Apparently, the owner does not intend to make money from the site – there are no any ads on the site as of writing. Filesharing, and more specifically torrent websites, for non-commercial purposes is legal in Spain (several sites were ruled legal by courts in Spain), because of which the owner is confident that the site will not be taken down by anti-piracy organizations.

The steps to start using Show RSS are best described by the following image:

The steps are fairly easy, and requires very little action from the user once the initial setup is complete. ShowRSS does requires a registration, but it is just about the easiest. You do not need even an email address – all it takes is to type in a user name, password and image CAPTCHA for anti-spam purposes. The account helps the site save preferences and such.
In an interview, the site owner said that all user information on the site are encrypted for safety. In any case, the information isn’t likely to be very useful if they are ever broken into.
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