Thursday, September 2, 2010

Best Online Services & Softwares for Remote PC Access

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I would like to offer PC Support services to my clients all over the World following which we can directly access our clients computers and help them with the issues they have related to our accounting software. The question is that if its possible to get this task done free of cost without the need of any techy ways like accessing their IP’s and setting up some remote computer & networking options. Are there any free software applications which cost us a very less one time fees or else which are completely free and still available with full features.

First of all its good to know that you are working more towards offering a better customer satisfaction. If you would like to offer remote computer support then there are many different options which you can use following which your customers can give you complete access to your computer directly and also would be able to get their problems solved. Here is a small list of the same.

Teamviewer : The best service which we have been using at our home & office in order to access the files from iPhone, iPad and Mac based computers. The best part of using this software is that its free and offers you with One to One connection which means that you can connect to one device at a time and in case you would like to connect to multiple computers then you will have to pay for the same in the form of commercial License. Once you install the software copy on your computer you will have to select the Personal License in order to continue with the free service following which you will be given with a IP address followed with a Password. You will have to get the remote computer’s IP & Password in order to get access to it and also make sure that the Remote PC grants you Full access in order to make modifications to the files and folders.

Zoho Assist : This is part of the Zoho suite where you can easily create a new account with Zoho first to get started. Once your account is created you can continue with creating a new session which will ask you to invite your customer or the remote person by either emailing or else sending an invite. The key which is displayed on the screen is going to allow you to access the remote Pc at Once the other party has logged in, a small application will be downloaded to their computer following which you will be able to get access to your friends/networks computer and make changes to it in the form of sending files or else share your desktop with them. The service is available at

Radmin (Remote Administrator) : This is another secured software which allows you to connect to a remote computer and work in real-time solving others problems. Other features include transferring files between computers, making text & voice based chats, different modes of access which includes view mode and complete control mode which is mainly useful when you would like to access others computer and solve their problems. The service costs $49 for a lifetime license with a 30days trial service which is a good enough period to first try out the service. You can connect to multiple computers and also access your desktop from different locations. The advantage of the simultaneous connections is that you can easily start offering distance education & training online with the software and also broadcast your desktop in live presentations to run Online conferences. The software works only on Windows based computers and is supported with Free Technical Support.

LogMeIn : A service which is offered with multiple features, plans and packages. The initial plan is free which allows you to get Remote Access to your PC or Mac from any other computer through the normal internet connection. To get started you need to download the software to your computer and register for an account. Next login to your account from the remote computer and get access to your home computer as if you are physically working on it. You can also reboot or reconnect to the computer through a secured AES 256-bit encryption and without the need for firewall, router or proxy configuration. Apart from these features if you would like to get features like file transfer, remote printing, desktop sharing then you should go for a Pro account which costs $69.95 annually and is still worth for features like Diagnostic Toolkit, Remote-to-Local Printing, Remote Sound etc.

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