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10 iPhone Tips and Tricks

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iPhone Tips and Tricks #1- Force Quit

Have you ever been using an app and it’s become completely frozen? You can actually apply a force quit on it by pressing the Home button for at least six seconds.

If that doesn't work, turn iPhone off and turn it on again. Press and hold the "Sleep/Wake" button for a few seconds until a red slider appears, and then slide the slider. Then press and hold the "Sleep/Wake" button until the Apple logo appears.

If the entire iPhone locks up - it can happen - press and hold both the "Home" button and the "Sleep/Wake" switch for eight seconds. You’ll see the screen go black, and then the Apple logo appears as the iPhone reboots.

iPhone Tips and Tricks #2 - Pause App download

In the recent update to the iPhone firmware Apple has given us the ability to pause an application downloading from the App Store. This is great in case you’re downloading a very big app and must go somewhere that doesn’t have Wi-Fi.

To do this simply taps on the application icon while it’s downloading and you’ll see the text change to "Paused". When you’re ready to resume this download touch the icon again and you’ll see the text revert back.

iPhone Tips and Tricks #3 - DFU Mode

The most popular way to fix a "bricked" iPhone or iPod Touch is by putting it into DFU mode. This is tricky, but it will solve that pesky stuck Apple logo on boot.

To do this you need to turn your device off. When it is completely off, push and hold the power button. Count to 5 and then push and hold the home button (keeping the power button pressed down still). Count to 10 and then let go of the power button (keeping the home button pressed down). Count to 30 and you should hear some notification that the device has been put into DFU mode. Now you can restore it in iTunes.

Each time I thought I "bricked" my iPod Touch, this has fixed it.

iPhone Tips and Tricks #4 - Take Screen Shot

Hold the Home button, then hit the "Power/Sleep" button, the screen will momentarily flash, and the iPhone’s current screen contents will be saved to the Camera Roll.

iPhone Tips and Tricks #5 - Scroll to Top

After reading an article (or email) I hate having to scroll back up to the top. Just to read another. Thankfully Apple has solved this issue for us (in most applications).

It’s easy too. Simply touch the "Status Bar" at the very top of the screen (this is where the time is). When you’re in MobileSafari and the Mail application you will automatically scroll back up to the top of the page (or email).

This even works in some 3rd party applications from the App Store. So if you ever catch yourself scrolling back up. Try this little tip.

iPhone Tips and Tricks #6 - Auto TLD

To make things quicker, you can sometimes get away with not putting in the TLD for a domain name. This doesn’t work all the time (depending on the popularity of the website), but it gets it right most of the time.

You have to have Google set as the default search engine for this to work. After this is set, you can just put "apple" into the browser, and press "Go". It’ll automatically take you to the website.

iPhone Tips and Tricks #7 - Set content restriction

You can set restrictions for iPod content for the use of some applications on iPhone. For example, parents can restrict explicit music from being seen on playlists, or turn off YouTube access entirely.
Just go to "General -> Restrictions" then tap Enable Restrictions and enter a four-digit passcode to restrict your content.

iPhone Tips and Tricks #8 - Stop incoming calls

To stop an incoming call from ringing, press the "Sleep/Wake" button. To send the call immediately to VoiceMail, press the "Sleep/Wake" button twice.

iPhone Tips and Tricks #9 - Hide SMS preview

With Show SMS Preview disabled you will only get a generic "New Text Message".
Go to "General -> Passcode Lock" and enter a 4-digit passcode. After that disable "Show SMS Preview".

iPhone Tips and Tricks #10 - Access the Scientific Calculator
Not many people know that you can get advanced features with your calculator simply by turning it sideways.

You can turn it either way (left or right) and you’ll see the calculator go into landscape mode where you see your extra features/buttons.

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