Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Why You Should Be Using Tweetfeed

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If you aren’t yet familiar with Tweetfeed, you will be before long. It is one of the hot, new twitter applications that allows people to create customized search term feeds and track those terms in real time. Users can generate feeds based on exact phrases, either or phrases, based on specific dates, sent to or from specific people, or many other options. Tweetfeed is also a “Share This” enabled service. This enables users to use custom CSS presentations and web analytics.
So, how can Tweetfeed benefit you and your blog? The primary use for Tweetfeed right now is for tracking terms used in Twitter like a person’s or product’s name. This makes it very easy for you to keep up with your online reputation and that of the products you might be promoting on your blog. The tracking feature can also help you stay on top of a current topic or industry news. When you see the same user Tweeting about the same topic that you are interested in, you might want to follow that particular user going forward.
They have also made sharing content extremely easy with Tweetfeed. The “Share This” feature publishes a feed link with your account name and feed name with practically no effort. The service is still in Beta, so I imagine that the features will only continue to get better. The website was recently acquired by the great people at BlogCatalog which make the prospects for Tweetfeed even more exciting in my mind.
If you haven’t taken a look at Tweetfeed yet, I highly recommend  you visit their website here

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