Monday, August 2, 2010

Tutorial to get Certificate within maximum 3 hours (faster then opda)

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Get your certificate and key from And you'll get your cer after 3 hours.
Now let you go to imobile website at

- Fill in the required fields in register form as screen-shot.

- With simple register and very fast, and successful. Next Step 2

* Step 2: Apply your imei

- After register successful, the system redirect you to this location. click the green button

- And now you will enter your imei in textbox, then click button.

- System report your apply successful, as shown below

* Step 3: Get Ur Cert & Key

- Now, you only need waiting...
See The Time When U Can Get Ur Cert(Picture 5), You Go Back And Login To Your Account

- Select the second tab to view the result. If system displays same this image, you can download cert&key

Congratulate You Get Ur Cert&Key!!!

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