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Tutorial - Adding Own Images/Symbols To Your Font Of Your Mobile

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Tutorial - Adding Own Images/Symbols To Your Font
● Step 1 : Download and installFontCreator 5.6● Step 2 : Open your font(byeither right clicking and selecting"open with fontcreator" or by thegeneral way)● Step 3 : Go to the end of your list andright click in the empty space and select "ADD"
You will now get an empty box as shown●Step 4 : Right click on this empty box and select IMPORT IMAGE..then from the dialogue box, click load..
now browse and select whatever image u want add tothe font and do some changes if u wanted to then click GENERATE. Now ucan see the empty box with the image u selected.Double clickon the same box, to re-size ur image. making sure the left edge is notcrossing the line 0afterediting just close(yes there is no saving option) the editor n come tothe normal view of the font content.● Step 5 : Nowright click the box in which your image is and click properties and thenselect the MAPPINGS tab and then click select.
from the dialogue box, select any language setthat u do not use. In my example i've selected "telugu" and "teluguletter A"
via: Imserba Cell Phone Download & Community
and then click okand again ok● Step 6 :Save ur font by clickingFile-Save. (you can now close FontCreator)●Step 7 : Copy the saved font to C:\windows\fonts●Step 8 : Open Character Map (Start-allprograms-accessories-system tools-character map) and now select ur fontfrom the drop down advance view and set "characterSet" to UNICODE and "group by" to UNICODE SUBRANGE. Now in the smalldialogue box that appears, select ur language set that u selectedbefore, in my case its "telugu"
now click on the image u've added and then clickSELECT and then click COPY.
Now u can close Character Map.●Step 9 :Open Notepad, right click and click paste. now itappears as..
●Step 10 : save the text file as UNICODE with any name.
Now transfer thefont and the text file to your phone and customize as u wish.

Download Font Creator 5.6 From Here

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