Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tips on How to Use Credit Card and Save Money

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Many have said that credit cards are the main factor that causes your debt to swell, that might be true but you can reverse the effect of credit card into your favor. Remember that credit card companies want need you and your business. This would mean credit card companies will be offering rewards, discounts and some perks for their loyal customers. It’s actually becoming possible to save money with a credit card.

Here are some tips on how save money using credit card:

Tip #1:

Go online and check websites that would guide in choosing the right credit card for you. You may find 0 credit cards offer online. You may also find credit card application for visa cards, cash back cards, and gas credit cards.

Tip #2:

Evaluate and compare each card that offers an interest rate you can accept, review also the rewards, bonuses and other perks. Are the perks are useful to you? Is that what you need?

Tips #3:

Know that the deals may change weekly or even daily. If you see a deal you can’t pass up, apply immediately.

Tips #4:

If you are a frequent flier, look for the card that offers travel benefits or discounts on travel services.

Tips #5:

There are credit card companies that offer free insurance benefits. Some even offer up to $1,000 or more of accidental death and dismemberment insurance. Others offer coverage of rental car accidents and lost luggage.

Tip #6:

Look for cards that offer bonus points. The points can be exchanged for discounts or freebies at restaurants, department stores and bookstores. You may also find 0 credit cards which offers 0% APR.

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