Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tips In Buying Running Shoes

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Finding good running shoes is important in your daily workout needs. Poorly fit running shoes can lead to pain and injuries. Shopping for a trail running shoes is quite different when you are shopping for sandals or pumps. So, here are tips on what to look when you are shopping for a pair of running shoes.

1. Breathability: If your sneaker lets moisture escape, your feet will stay cool, you will be less like to end up having yucky stinky shoes. To compare breathability, dampened a sock with a small amount of water, fit it over a plastic foot form, and the form inside each shoe. Then laced them up tight. Expose the shoes in the room of about 70 degrees and 50% relative humidity. The shoes with better breathability should have drier socks.

2. Cushioning: Test the cushion of running shoes before buying it. It should absorb your weight in the heel areas to protect your feet from pain and injuries.

3. Flexibility: A running shoes or hiking shoes should be flexible enough to support your feet. With flexible shoes you will be able to run with less effort, and your lower legs will get less tired.

4. Stability: Running shoes should be stable enough to support the runner’s feet as they run.

5. Weight: A few extra ounces on shoes maybe trivial, but a heavier shoe will tire you out more quickly. The lighter your running shoes the better.

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