Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tips how to Install Sound Driver

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It doesn’t really take a genius or a degree in computer to figure out how to install sound drivers in your computer. If you have lots of common sense and know how to read, then you got what it takes to install sound drivers or sometimes referred to as audio drivers.

When you got your new computer or a newly reformat computer you need to install drivers in order for your computer to work properly. If have computer with built-in sound device, your sound or audio driver comes with motherboard drivers disc. Here are the steps in how to install your sound driver (applicable for Windows XP).

1. Insert installation CD on the disc drive. Right click the My Computer icon on the desktop, then click the Properties on pull-down menu.

2. Then choose System Properties when a window is shown after clicking the Properties. The index will appear that you are now on the system properties. You can also view you system information.

3. On System Properties, select Hardware on the tab. Click Device Manager.

4. In the Device Manager window you will all the available drivers installed on your computer. Select Sound, Video and Game Controllers by clicking on it.

5. In the Sound, Video and Game Controllers you will see question mark icons such as audio codecs, legacy audio drivers (question mark icon indicate that the driver for that particular device is not properly installed). Right click on the audio codecs or any with the question mark icon. Then, click update driver.

6. After clicking update driver option, the Hardware update wizard will appear on screen. Select the radio button “No, not this time”. Then next to continue.

7. In the Hardware Update Wizard window select “Install the software automatically (Recommended)”, then select next to continue.

8. The computer will automatically search the CD you have inserted on the disc drive where the sound driver is located. Wait until it finishes searching.

9. The Hardware update wizard will tell you whether the installation is complete or not. If it is not, the CD you inserted might not work properly or your audio driver is not match on the motherboard.

10. Repeat steps 5 to 9 if there are still question mark icons left. If there are no question marks left then you successfully install the entire required audio drivers.

Note: Some computer will require you to restart your system after installation.

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