Friday, August 27, 2010

Satellite Installing A Motor With Photos & Safety Guide

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1: Put up wall bracket/pole vertical with a spirit level on a south facing wall or as close to south as possible.
2: While motor is still on floor adjust your elevation/latitude markings on the motor to the same as your latitude where you live, if your motor markings have only elevation makings it is 90 minus latitude= elevation on motor, mine is 51.5 latitude if it was elevation markings I would have put it to 38.5,yours will be different to mine. I use to find my longitude and latitude. Tighten up as this will not have to be adjusted again.
3: Attach your dish to motor while still on floor making sure the dish bracket is in line with the vertical line on the motor as this is very important. Tighten up bracket to the dish as you should not have to adjust this again. And also loosely tighten up the nut on the elevation on dish.
4: Put dish and motor to wall bracket and point roughly south then loosely tighten up.
5: Run your cable from your receiver to the motor.
6: Input your latitude and longitude on your receiver yours will be different to mine before adjusting your dish, and then tell usals to go to Thor 1W/0.8W.

7: Then adjust the dish for the best signal for Thor, by moving only the motor around the wall bracket/poleand the elevation on dish,the elevation of the dish is adjusted to the best signal as I have found the scales on them is not always accurate . I use a meter for this part but for people without a meter I believe a lot of members have been using BBC world to check the signal with. Once the signal is the best you can get it tighten everything up, and then run cable from motor to lnb, if you are using your receiver to check signal for alignment rather than a meter this needs to be done first.

8: Seal all the cable connections with amalgamating tape.
9: finish.

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