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How to extract .daa files free (Windows)

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.daa extension (Direct Access Archives) is a proprietary format by PowerISO, used commonly to archive large ISO files (ISO is a disk image format that you can burn to a disk using Nero or any other burner). .DAA files format has features like compression, password protection, and splitting to multiple volumes.

DAA files can be opened by PowerISO, but unfortunately, it is free to use only for small files. Many file .daa that you get over the internet, especially those from Linux users, or file-sharing services (like BitTorrent) will be in DAA format.

This tutorial will show you how open .daa files for free on Windows. Extracting .daa extension files require two steps – converting the DAA file to an ISO file, and then burning the ISO file to a disc or extracting the ISO to get the required files.
Free .daa file extractor

Below are the methods to open .daa files on Windows.

If you use Mac OS X, see our tutorial on opening .daa files on Mac OS X for free

Open DAA files on Windows
To get .daa files open in Windows, follow the steps below (screenshots have been included for your convenience). We will convert the DAA file to ISO format first. You can then extract files from the ISO file using IZArc (which we will do below) or burn it to a disc.
  1. Download DAA 2 ISO from this page. Save it to Desktop. Extract (by double-clicking) the zip folder to get a folder named daa2iso.
  2. Open the folder. There are two files named daa2iso.
3. Double-click the daa2iso file with a label application to the right side (and has a colorful icon), You will get a command prompt along with a window to choose your files.

Double-click the .daa file you need to extract.
In the window that comes up, enter a file name and hit Save.
5.The file will be extracted in a few seconds (it takes more time if you have a larger file). The command prompt window will appear with the confirmation (as shown below).
  1. Hit enter key to quit the command prompt. The converted .iso file will be saved in the same location as the original .daa file.
  2. If you have 7Zip, open it and extract the ISO file. Else, follow the next step.
  3. Download and install IZArc.
  4. Open Computer and navigate to where you saved the .iso file (which is where you saved the original .daa file also).
  5. Right-click the file and click IZArc > Extract to .\ where stands for your file.
  1. You will now have the files extracted into a folder of the same name as the .iso file, in the same location.Instead of extracting files, if you need to burn a disc from the files, download and install ImgBurn (freeware). Open ImgBurn and burn the ISO file to a disc to get a disc with all the contents of the original DAA file.
The steps used above have been tested and working. If there are some errors, chances are, it might be because of the original .daa file being corrupt. Retry each step. But if you still find any problems, leave a comment below for assistance.

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