Monday, August 2, 2010

Hiisi Proxy (Browse on Mobile using PC Broadband)

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Hiisi Proxy 1.63 which allows you to use the Broadband connection of your PC on Mobile using Bluetooth.
Its quite simple to follow the instructions
Guide: How to share your PC internet connection with your mobile phone Guide: How to share your PC internet connection with your mobile phone
Guide: How to share your PC internet connection with your mobile phone Guide: How to share your PC internet connection with your mobile phone
Step 1
First create a new acces point:

Go to - Tools > Settings > Connection > Access points > Options > Create new access point

Name the access point anything you wish. In my case I called it 'Hiisi', but you name it as you want.
Connection Name > Hiisi (Or anything else you want)
Give a valid Access Point Name (you can take it from any valid GPRS/EDGE connection)
Leave everything on default then go to Options > Advanced settings.
On the proxy server address enter and 1234 as the proxy port number. Nowsave the new access point.

Step 2
Installation on the phone
On the folder that you extracted \Hiisi1.6.3\Hiisi\bin there are Hiisi.jar and Hiisi.jad.
Copy both files to the root of your MMC or phone memory, its important that both files are in the same directory for proper installation.
Then using any file explorer, locate and run the hiisi.jad file and not the JAR, this will be in a path looking something like E:/hiisi.jad (it is important to run the jad file, and NOT the jar file, or simply won't work at all, but .jar file must also be present in same dir as the .jad file for successful installation), so follow all on screen prompts which comes from after clicking the hiisi.jad file, and go ahead and install it.

Step 3
Configuring the server on PC
First we need to know the COM port used by your bluetooth.
In my case its COM11. In the main panel of BlueSoleil go to My Services > Properties > Serial Port A.

Now we need to edit the COM Port in the Pihatonttu.cmd.
Open Notepad and drag and drop Pihatonttu.cmd inside the Notepad.

start javaw -Djava.library.path=. -cp .\lib\comm.jar;.\lib\jdic.jar;.\class Pihatonttu.PihatonttuMain COM7 null
In the COM7, change the number 7 to your COM Port used by bluetooth. In my case is COM11 so it should be like this:
start javaw -Djava.library.path=. -cp .\lib\comm.jar;.\lib\jdic.jar;.\class Pihatonttu.PihatonttuMain COM11 null
If you want to use 3rd party proxy server just replace null with (note that this proxy is only for example, you're not supposed to use this) or any other proxy you want.
start javaw -Djava.library.path=. -cp .\lib\comm.jar;.\lib\jdic.jar;.\class Pihatonttu.PihatonttuMain COM11
Note: You can do the same with the Pihatonttu_localhost.cmd file but in my case it worked with Pihatonttu.cmd.

Ctrl+S to save it and close Notepad. Now double click the Pihatonttu.cmd and the Pihatonttu Proxy window will appear.
Note: If you get error like "COM Port is in use" when you launch the app, close it and launch again.

Step 4
Now launch the Hiisi Proxy on your Phone. It will ask you "Allow application Hiisi bla bla bla...?" Press Yes.
Select and press Bluetooth Mode then it will say "Inquiring bluetooth devices..."

Now choose your PC bluetooth name then it will search for bluetooth serial port.

On the next screen you will see the btspp://..... selection.This is the RFCOMM service and you need to select this one. (select the first and not the second)

Final step
Now without exiting the Hiisi Proxy, unlike GnuBox, open the browser on the phone and try to open any web page.
When prompted which access point to use, select your new dummy access point. In my case I called it 'Hiisi' so I have to select that.

That's it. Done. Now you can browse using the PC Broadband on Mobile. No more GPRS/EDGE charges.

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