Friday, August 13, 2010

Extract open .daa files for free on Mac OS X

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.daa format files are found commonly on BitTorrent downloads. DAA files are used to archive large files, and is a proprietary format that requires paid software (PowerISO) to open. However, this tutorial will show you how you can open DAA files for free on a Mac OS X computer, using only free software.

If you use Windows, see our tutorial on opening .daa files on Windows for free.

Getting daa files open involves converting the .daa to ISO file and then extracting the ISO file or burning it to a disc. Do not worry about the seemingly complex task – we have detailed steps and screenshots to make it easy to follow.

Open .daa files on Mac

1. Download DAA Converter. Double-click the downloaded .dmg file to mount it, then drag the DAA Converter icon from the window that comes up, into your Applications folder.
2. Open DAA Converter and select the file you need to convert. Click Open and it will convert your .daa file to a .iso file.
 ISO files can be burnt to discs, or files can be extracted from them. Follow the next step to extract the files from ISO file, which is what you would most likely want.

3. Double-click the .iso file, which will be in the same location as the original .daa file. It will mount. In Finder, you can find it under Devices.
3. Click on the mounted .iso file and you can get the files.

If you have doubts about any of these steps, leave a comment (scroll down to the end of this page) and I’ll try to help.

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