Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dish Pointing Tips : How to point your dish antenna

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Satellite TV is one of the popular media in the world.The TV Satellites provides signals for the Satellite TV are “placed” approximately 22,300 miles above the equator.These signals are received by the Satellite TV dish in our home.This article shows instructions and tips for pointing the Satellite TV dish.

Setting the direction and elevation:

Satellite TV dish is used for receiving TV Satellite signals.To receive these signals,Satellite dish is placed towards the TV Satellite directly without obstructions by trees,buildings etc.The TV Satellite signals will not enter through leaves,branches or buildings.So place the Satellite dish in the rooftop of your home where the TV Satellite is clearly viewed without obstructions.,using Satellite Look Angle Calculator.
Satellite Look Angle Calculator sets the direction and elevation of Satellite TV dish towards the TV Satellite.After setting the direction and elevation,the following instructions to be made one by one.

Setting the LNBF Polarization Tilt (Skew):

LNB is present in the dish.A label in LNB is marked with polarization tilt.The polarization tilt varies according to the location.For example,LNB polarization Tilt is to be set at 0 degrees in one region and minus 30 degree in other region in clockwise rotation.Signal quality is improved by adjusting the polarity of the LNB.
Remember,Dont turn the LNB too much because LNB Polarization is within plus or minus 30 degrees in U.S.The direction of 30 degree is equal to 5 minutes on the minute scale of a clock.

Setting the signal strength and quality:

For receiving the TV Satellite signal a receiver is needed for viewing the signal strength and the quality.Make sure your receiver get connected to the television,and both turned on, and Satellite dish LNB is in connection with receiver cables, and keep viewing the levels of signals strength and quality.
0-30 Strength and 0 Quality in signal:
This strength and quality in signal experienced by you is noise signal.So check whether there are obstacles between the Satellite TV dish and TV Satellite.
40-60 Strength and 0 Quality in signal:
This strength and quality in signal experienced by you is still off alignment .So check the intial installation such as direction,elevation and find the TV Satellite signal again.Main causes for this problem is a change in the alignment of satellite dish due to heavy winds,bolts not tightened properly, or Satellite dish strucked by the wind.
40-60 Strength and 30-70 Quality in signal:
This strength and quality in signal instructs you to make the Satellite dish to be fine-tuned to the Satellite.In this level you expereince by getting “Bad or No Signal” message, non clarity picture and no audio output.So fine-tune should be made by the adjusting the LNB very slightly by inches. Leave five second for the receiver to update the signal quality after adjusting the LNB once.Through LNB fine tunning, you get fine signal quality from 70 to 100.Now Satellite TV channels are ready to be Viewed.

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