Saturday, July 31, 2010

WordPress 3.0.1 fixes several bugs in WordPress 3.0

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Since its 17 June 2010 release, WordPress 3.0 has been downloaded almost 11 million times.
WordPress 3.0 fixed over 1,200 bugs from WordPress 2.9.2 and before, and the newest release of WordPress, version 3.0.1, takes care of another 50 or so programming hiccups.
You can see the List of Files Revised to see what has been updated.
The following are the bugs that were fixed with version 3.0.1:
  • typo in wp-admin/includes/media.php
  • WordPress does not function on iPad in View (non HTML Mode)
  • Add custom taxonomy to Pages admin menu
  • Adding an empty menu object displays theme default menu instead
  • Typo in class-http.php
  • WP_User object conditional failures
  • wp_get_single_post and wp_update_post assume post properties
  • Remove dead $current_user declaration
  • $current_user unfounded assumptions
  • Blacklist remove_theme_support('menus')
  • Wrong link on Updates screen
  • Properly close tag
  • wp_nav_menu() uses IDs for menu-items preventing re-use on the same page
  • home link current_page nav menu defect on IIS
  • Twenty Ten content is shifted to the right in Gecko 1.8 (Firefox 2, Seamonkey 1.x)
  • Menu Locations should be unregisterable by child themes
  • sprintf() typo in wpmu_signup_blog_notification_subject and
  • wpmu_signup_user_notification_subject
  • A few markup errors on Plugins screen
  • Wrong l10n function in schema.php
  • Custom menu Widget title not filtered
  • Update codex link
  • missing 'want'
  • Bugs in edit-tags and edit columns regarding post_type vars
  • has_cap() bug when logged in as super-admin
  • WP3.0 XMLRPC wp.newCategory fails for existing category
  • admin.php tries to read $plugin_page from the wrong directory
  • wp_unique_post_slug does not work properly for hierarchical custom posts types
  • Back compat for pages and categories for the load-$pagenow hook
  • String not i10n'ed in wp-admin/import.php
  • Don't return 404 in backend
  • 'Message' box on Menu management page rendered outside tag
  • turning off site administrators can add users doesn't work
  • site-specific theme selection won't save in upgraded MU installs
  • PHP 4.4+ and PHP 5.0.5 fails on return/pass by reference
  • quick-edit works only once for a hierarchical custom post type
  • Categories can't be added in Press This
  • Export Errors, Line 72
  • Allow disabling alterations to global tables during upgrade.
  • WordPress MS - wp-admin/ms-sites.php line 200 missing echo
  • Selected language is displayed incorrectly in Multisite
  • Twenty Ten: attachment images should be centered
  • loop in tags url to same url
  • capital_P_dangit TwentyTen DocBlock
  • Twenty Ten: new description and stylesheet cleanup
  • get_post_permalink incorrect documentation and variable name
  • comments_template() generates bad theme-compat path
  • posts paging calculation inconsistent
  • WordPress doesn't report the currently active theme
  • Password strength localization
  • function map_meta_cap does not use the user ID when checking super admin
  • update_metadata() updates unchanged values
  • Undefined function get_blog_info()
  • WP_User constructor not working as expected if called with 2 args
  • Export errors
To find out more detailed information about these bug fixes, fo to WordPress-trac.
Please note! Andrew Nacin asks that if you downloaded and installed WordPress 3.0.1 within the first 20 minutes of its release that you reinstall the application. One of the bug fixes was left out of the first v3.0.1 release.

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